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ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN

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It significantly weakened my strong internet connection.
I am disappointed with Zen mate because it should not weaken internet connection and sometimes it suddenly stops for a few seconds and when I download a movie,my strong internet becomes weaker and unexpectedly stops before the download is complete. I wonder why A proxy access to Switzelrand is no longer active.

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FastestFox - Schneller Surfen

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The unnecessary adware and scumware in Fastest Fox Made me remove it.
Beware of trashy icons from google,duck search engine and wekipedia!.

FireFox Tweak

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Do Not Believe The Hype!.
I have downloaded this add on but when I tried To Manage The way I want It,the page froze and I received a Yellow Page.
I advise you to use your search engine and search how to speed up Mozilla firefox to Maximum?.
I'm sorry for being so honest,but the inventor of this add on did not create something creative. Use about:config and follow the Instructions from the search engine how to speed up Mozilla Firefox?.