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This add-on is really amazing. It should be on everyone's browser in my opinion. I have been using it on all of my computers including my work computer for several years now with no glitches. Sometimes it can block too much, so you have to get used to "allowing" some sites but not others. Overall it's ESSENTIAL for security of your system while you are browsing in Firefox. There are many times when I have clicked on a rogue website and this add-on has stopped the website from installing things on my computer. Along with this software I also recommend Ghostery, Better Privacy and AdBlocker for full protection.

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Adblock Plus

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I have been using AdBlock Plus for a while now. It is an amazing piece of software that you install and forget about. When using a normal MS-Explorer that doesn't block the ads you realize how many ads are actually blocked. It doesn't slow the computer down or install anything you wouldn't want installed on your computer either. I also recommend No Script and Ghostery if you want to block everything while surfing. I install this one on all of my computers.

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