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Some strange behaviour on FF28 Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Hi, I do not have the latest FF33 version, because of my "almost traumatic" experience with the Auralis UI redesign, and so, I still keep using FF28.

After I installed this last version, 2.0.3, my only complains are the following:

- Extension inside Add-on Bar. On the previous version that I had, which unfortunately, I don't recall what was the version number, the Extended Statusbar was on the left bottom of the screen/browser, right above the Add-on Bar, hiding after 5 sec., and now, it's inside that Bar, which if it has even the "Hide Extended Statusbar" setting enabled, during the time that it shows, the other icons on my Add-on Bar, are switched to the right, disappearing some of them from the screen/browser, because of that! On the previous version, as I told, the location was perfect, right on top of Add-on Bar, now it's not, for my purposes of course.

- The usual setting that I have, is to have it "hide", after 5 seconds, but if, for example, the "Hide the whole toolbar" setting is also enabled, then unfortunately, as it says, all the Add-on Bar is also hide, due most probably, because of the fact the extension is inside the Add-on Bar, thus making, all the content inside that invisible!

- Last, a minor problem, without this extension installed, when on Tab Bar, the "Open a new tab" button is pressed, the Add-on Bar is still visible, but if you have this extension installed, and I had made this test moments ago, the Add-on Bar isn't visible, it's indeed a minor issue, since when a page with contents is loaded, the Add-on Bar appears, but I take the advantage to inform this!

Many thanks for your effort and support and keep your good work on this, with more often updates, with some of everyone's problems reported corrected!

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Finally, this add-on it's working back now on Firefox 20 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

My wait for this add-on to work is over, after the information provided by BlueB on April 7, 2013, there's no need to follow up the drastic solution, provided by afrab_null on April 5, 2013, and the information given by sneekers11 on April 3, 2013, although it was on the right path, it was incomplete and thus, didn't work for me, only the actions presented by BlueB are the correct ones, at least, I get this add-on back to work.

On the provided actions, I only want to mention one point though, which is the "Always use private browsing mode" setting uncheck, if checked, this is part of Firefox Options, Privacy panel, under History, I had the setting "Never remember history", but this doesn't work, since it says that "Firefox will use the same settings as private browsing...", which prevents this add-on to work, the only way that worked for me, was choosing the "Use custom settings for history", which then give the users the possibility to check/uncheck the "Always use private browsing mode" option, on my case, it was checked, and I had to do the opposite action, as mentioned.

Thanks all the mentioned users, for their support. Even with the new working Download Manager on Firefox 20, this add-on is still better than that, it's a "must-have" add-on, and this is confirmed by the use of nearly 2 million users, and the current 7th place, on the "Most Popular" add-ons table, it's incredible how a small add-on, makes a huge difference, regarding download actions, last week, I saw that and I'm glad that everything is working back now!

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Seems stop working, after updating from Firefox 19 to 20! Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

After updating from Firefox 19 to Firefox 20, this add-on doesn't work anymore on my computer, before that, I didn't had any issue, now, in "Full Mode", it doesn't show any download work/action, doesn't show nothing, and even in "Mini Mode", despite it's possible to view the add-on icon on Firefox statusbar, on doing a download and after that, it doesn't show any kind of information, most probably, the new Download Manager introduced on Firefox 20, breaks compatibility with old download process, affecting this add-on, which is still a "must have", despite the changes on the new Download Manager, which does not address what this add-on used to do!

If anyone has the same issue or knows what's wrong or if there's a replacement or a new version, please inform, thanks in advance!