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Redirect Bypasser

Breaks after Firefox restart, here anyway Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Frustration. Once installed 'Redirect Bypasser' ran flawlessly and really efficiently, managed redirects where other similar add-ons failed to. But after restarting Firefox the add-on didn't appear to be running (no menu, no redirection) and its Option page was empty, only the title and 2-3 references on the top-right (images with no link) -- about:config showed that settings were in place, yet the add-on failed to run.

I have 70 add-ons which may induce a compatibility problem, and if other users encounter no issue than I'd be dishonest to rate this add-on according to my own experience. When it runs, here, it's brilliant. I'll score on that only, hoping to find the solution.


Awesome, absolutely awesome Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

After having commented previous version 0.1.4 I'm reiterating my admiration for this exceptional add-on, moreover because latest version 0.1.5 handles perfectly what was occasionally the only issue with previous versions : some HTTP-only sites would refuse HTTPS in such a way that it would delay SmartHTTPS to revert to HTTP : this is what some comments here expressed.

This is now handled by SmartHTTPS 0.1.5 : no more added delay, whatever the site's HTTPS refusal protocol!

SmartHTTPS 0.1.5 has added in its Setting page a new option:
"When switching to HTTPS, if loading takes longer than [N] milliseconds, revert the protocol back to HTTP (default is 3000 ms)."

No more problems, not one occasionally encountered "extra delay on first visit" issue as with previous versions! I've set the delay to 1000 ms (choose accordingly to your connection responsiveness), and SmartHTTPS runs flawlessly, totally transparent!

I'm insisting on the value of this add-on, IMHO of course, because it is truly MOST valuable, leader of the band, again IMO, in the category of security add-ons, together with HTTPSEverywhere but, as I see it, built around a concept which is smarter because it does not rely on a list, on signatures : it is flexible and operational.

I'm surprised not to hear more about it. The developer is as reserved as he is talented and won't "sell" his work with communication blabla and other propaganda : it's up to each of us to give it a try.

If you're concerned by security, by HTTPS managed in a transparent and totally optimized way, you must give SmartHTTPS a try and, believe me, you will adopt it. It is awesome.

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Fast Translation

Runs fine... at this time Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've been using 'Fast Translation' for years, my preferred translation Firefox add-on, simple, fast, not bloated. Then problems started, the add-on was updated, problems again (connection to Google) which led me to remove, re-install, remove the add-on accordingly.

True love I guess when you always come back : I missed 'Fast Translation' after having removed it again for the same reasons mentioned here by other users, so I decided to give it a try again (same version 1.11.5) and right now all is fine, which makes me think it's only occasionally a connection problem to Google servers, for a reason I ignore ...

Anyway, happy to be able to use it again. Hope it lasts.

Qwant für Firefox

The add-on is fine but not Qwant's cookie storage Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

The add-on is fine and adds extra functionalities directly accessible from the toolbar button for Qwant registered users (favorites, notes...).

Qwant, the search engine, is fine, is even very good, providing simultaneously or separately results in the scope of Web, News and social categories.

But Qwant unfortunately stores its cookies not as common cookies but within Local Storage (aka HTML5 DOM Storage), that is in the users webappsstore.sqlite file : if you search for your Qwant cookie with Firefox's cookie manager you won't find it because it's stored in your webappsstore.sqlite file.

I don't think using Local Storage for cookies is a good practice, should it be for the sole reason that sites use Local Storage for storing other data than cookies, that users may wish and often do clean (delete) this webappsstore.sqlite file for the sake of privacy, deleting meanwhile legitimate cookies such as those of Qwant.

If Qwant decides to set its cookie in the traditional way, I'll register and perhaps adopt this add-on.

This is of course only IMHO :)

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Free and paid plans Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Intéressant mais peut-être serait-il opportun de préciser que la souscription gratuite ne permet que la gestion de dix logins. Ce n'est pas un handicap en soi mais l'indiquer explicitement me semble pertinent.
Interesting but perhaps is it opportune to notify that the free subscription doesn't handle more than ten logins. This is not as such a handicap but announcing this explicitly seems to me pertinent.
5/5 for not having tested this add-on, 3/5 for missing information, 4/5 average.

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Safe Zone

Searching for the "Action" button ... Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've tested this add-on, created a safe, and started using it or rather tried to use it because I just couldn't find the "Action" button mentioned in the add-on's description.

4 stars because the guide-line mentions an object impossible to find.

EDIT after the developer's reply :

OK! I hadn't figured out the saving process that way. I had in mind the saving/action buttons would appear as toolbar buttons, or added to the add-on's toolbar button drop-down menu and ask me to open a safe if I wished to save whatever in one of my safes...

Fine. This requisite being handled, running the add-on is flawless and deserves the 5th star :)

Thanks, Em, for your extra-quick response. Much appreciated.

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Master Password Reset

Automatic lock when idle as an option? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

The idea is interesting.

I use the 'StartupMaster' add-on to enter my master password when starting Firefox and I've set 'security.ask_for_password' to 0 (default): Only the first time it's needed. But I may wish to lock the master password within a session, and that's where this add-on may come in handy.

On another hand I read that "It also automatically locks it when it detects you are idle." and that bothers me because I wish to lock my master password only by myself.

Does this add-on provide the automatic lock when idle as an option?

5 stars because I haven't tested it. I will if the option above mentioned is provided.


EDIT after developer's reply :

Thanks! I'll be waiting for that update. My point is :
1- Having a master password ;
2- Having it been asked once at startup -> 'StartupMaster' add-on ;
3- Having my passwords at disposal without interruption -> no automatic lock, be it after n minutes (Firefox option) or when idle ('Master Password Reset', this add-on) ;
4- Being able to lock master password (hence all logins) during a session ('Master Password Reset', this add-on).

Looking forwards for update. Free virtual beer when available (same taste with a touch of imagination!)


Fine, just one question ... Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Runs fine, except with Google Web Search, but not a problem since I don't search with Google, not to mention that all autopagerizers I've tested up to now fail to handle Google search pages correctly ...

One feature puzzles me in the add-on's options page which includes 'update_siteinfo' : I believe this concerns the sites handled by the add-on, but is this data updated automatically (if so, when?) or when the user performs it manually?


EDIT (answer to developer's reply) -

1- OK for update_siteinfo : I understand the update is manual? Anyway, easy to verify.

2- Concerning Google Search : what happens is this (I should have been more specific on my
comment above), be it, (yeps!), (always) :

If I search with a Google search engine installed on Firefox and if the url sent is of the form : -> AutoPagerizeTweaked is successful

If I search right from Google (i.e. ), Google frames my request as : -> AutoPagerizeTweaked is unsuccessful

This # instead of search? has always broken (here) attempts to autopagerize, be it your add-on or any other similar. It's as if the # was not handled by the autopagerize code.

Thanks for your concern.

Toggle Mixed Active Content

One suggestion for two add-ons from the same developer Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

'Toggle Mixed Active Content' runs flawlessly but together with its sister add-on 'Toggle Mixed Display Content' could be slightly enhanced with the following :

The toolbar's button tool-tip mentions "content blocked"/"content not blocked" when it could preferably precise the content by stating "active" for the 'Toggle Mixed Active Content' add-on and "display" (or "passive") for the 'Toggle Mixed Display Content' add-on.

Rather a cherry suggestion when the cake is just fine.

Toggle Mixed Display Content

One suggestion for two add-ons from the same developer Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

'Toggle Mixed Display Content' runs flawlessly but together with its sister add-on 'Toggle Mixed Active Content' could be slightly enhanced with the following :

The toolbar's button tool-tip mentions "content blocked"/"content not blocked" when it could preferably precise the content by stating "active" for the 'Toggle Mixed Active Content' add-on and "display" (or "passive") for the 'Toggle Mixed Display Content' add-on.

Rather a cherry suggestion when the cake is just fine.

Load from Cache

Put a tiger in your engine! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Definitely speeds up pages' rendering.
If a page isn't displayed correctly after its auto-update or user's manual 'page reload' -- which may happen in PowerMode but never occurred here in NormalMode' -- then it's always possible to reload the page by skipping the cache (hence bypassing 'Load from cache') with Ctrl + F5 OR Ctrl + Shift + R OR with the 'Reload Skip Cache Button' add-on (which does just that with a toolbar button).

As the author mentions it I use this add-on with 'uBlock Origin' and 'Decentraleyes' which leads me to this beautiful conclusion : life is not always cheese or dessert, when both are offered as speed and security/privacy.

Mighty good :)


Only one inconsistency ... Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

The idea is interesting but IMO a slight inconsistency in the deployment : the toolbar button opens a drop-down menu which allows to open the settings : why not toolbar button -> settings? The drop-down menu is totally useless ...

It runs fine but needs polishing. But runs fine (even if it needs polishing).


Excellent Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Same in English and French : excellent :)

Runs nicely, is pertinent (necessary and well carried out). The ESIEA_CNS-CVO is no fantasy, a serious engineering institute and the add-on performs certificate comparison/checking quickly and -- most appreciated -- on the user's demand only (no background automatic/systematic checking, which I dislike/avoid when not required).
Nice work and required IMO when we are aware that https itself may happen to be a falsified passport... I check whenever a doubt and systematically on https sites handling my data.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (3.0.5) abgegeben. 

Volatile Storage

Yes, it works! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Works just fine. In fact it checks the webappsstore.sqlite file in the user's profile and informs the user if it found extra data.
This data can have been set by a site as a cookie rather than as traditional browser cookie, i.e. 'ClockTab' at or also by an add-on such as 'IP Address and Domain Information' which sets a Local Storage cookie at Firefox start-up (cookie not required by the way). Firefox cookie manager will not show such cookies but if you run an app such as CCleaner you'll see that those cookies are indeed found.

Nevertheless these "cookies" do not appear if cookie management is set to "Session only"

'Volatile Storage' therefor does the job, but beware nevertheless : it shows all extras in Local Storage and those extras may include so called "cookies" you wish to keep because it shows all and offers to delete all without any selection. This is why I dislike sites using Local Storage to set their cookies, not many do but it happens.


Brilliant Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Security is important and when an add-on participates so brilliantly to this requisite I have no choice than to acclaim it.

Pros compared to 'HTTPS Everywhere' :
- Less heavy
- Includes automatically all HTTPS-ready domains. 'HTTPS Everywhere' makes it more complicated, requiring the user to add a missing rule manually provided the user is aware a site is available with https (means checking).

Cons compared to 'HTTPS Everywhere' :
- Does not handle cross-site links (external calls).

Pros + Cons : I'm choosing 'Smart HTTPS'. It's very well done. There is indeed as mentioned by the developer no lag when a page reverts to http only (you don't see anything, extra fast). White list (not to mention less used black list) bring this add-on to its full potential.

I was surprised. Good thing I tried it. I thought it would be clumsy, slow down pages' rendering : nothing of the sort. really very well done, and I'm no amateur, 70 add-ons and a Firefox user/fan since Frefox 2.x

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