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Useful, but a little bit invasive Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

After trying an outdated version, the developer came up quickly with an update. (Thanks!)
The add-on is based on a very good idea, something that is missing in standard e-mail protocol/RFC. On TB39, its widget has a nasty yellow background (still). Would be nice, if user could change its placement (fixed under folder tree) and appearance (at least colour). And the Resubmission button with the logo is almost the biggest one of all in the action bar. It would be better placed in the "More" dropdown menu close to the Delete/Junk/Answer buttons close to the message display.
It is working well though. The question is now, how to gain confidence that it really works. A small (yellow) list of resubmit-items helps to monitor this, in case you do not trust the add-on yet and have some important reminder scheduled.
Possibilities to schedule resubmittal are quite flexible (1 hour, 2 hours, …, 1 days, 2 days, …, user defined). Though the possible actions (flag, remind, flag and flag again) are rather limited, and it would be desirable to have the possibility to move, copy among folders and the like.
Another question is how this will work with TB on different machines. Is a reminder tag added to the message header, and my TB instance at home will react on reminders applied in the office?
Finally, I have to note a little instability when using it for the first time on TB38 (not reproducible). The first reminder went awry, when it popped up the window. I clicked on "Dismiss", reminds again, "Dismiss all", reminds again, "Dismiss", remind, "Dismiss all" really!, remind, … Kill Thunderbird.

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Client Certificate Manager

Indispensable pour Firefox Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Etonnant que ce ne soit pas contenu dans Firefox par défaut.
Dommage que l'import ne fonctionne pas avec ce greffon. Une fusion avec AddCertficate serait la bienvenue !
J'avais un problème justement, en installant AddCertificate avant CCM, le premier avait disparu. Desinstaller+réinstaller, et c'était réglé.

Forecastfox Weather

Unfortunately not best choice any more :-( Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

The latest versions (> 2.2.2, for FF>27) are not available from mozilla any more. Instead a new version can be downloaded from the AccuWeather website. But it is much more instrusive than before. This looks like the typical "I give it for free and let you pay later, once you got used to it" attempt to a user's freedom of choice. The new version is not a widget, but a complete bar, from which search function and other unwanted features cannot be disabled separately. Take one - take all. Too many modal windows for configuration overlay even my other browser tabs.
I understand that everybody needs to earn his life and make money after all. But this attempt to break into the users' favourite browser is unacceptable in my mind, similar to the long criticised all-IE and all-MS attempt of MS, which was finally judged to be illegal. Difficult to say that a free app abuses its monopoly status, but it is something like that.
A clear no-go for me, if it will not be improved to be more customisable (i.e. I can decide which parts of the widgets I see).

Edit: Crashed FF when trying to customise other toolbars. It does not fit the add-on customising schema of Mozilla any more, which explains, why it is not validated. Does not allow to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Uninstalled. What a pity. It used to be the first add-on I installed on every new environment. Were the 2.x versions open source and can we adapt them to FF29?

StretchClock Break Reminder - Desk Yoga

Unfortunately still not in Linux Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I keep complaining, because I really love to use it when I am running on Windows.
It still does not seem to work on Linux (Fedora14-16 tested) at all.
Unfortunately the fixed location in the add-on bar is becoming obsolete with FF>10, as that it is not really used for much stuff nowadays. Hence it becomes difficult to find the config menu, which is not linked from the add-on page as for other plug-ins.

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PDF Download

Not working Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

May be a nice tool according to description. But it failed to display a simple PDF from a plain HTTP URL.
Also I do not like that it wants me to send my web page to an obscure and untrusted channel, who promises to send it back after conversion "in order to improve speed and reliability". Either someone wants to spy me here or (more likely) needs a bunch of beta-testers to debug his conversion software.
Sorry. Deactivated and removed.

StretchClock Break Reminder - Desk Yoga

Does not work on FF10.0/Linux? Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Excellent tool indeed. The different exercise videos avoid a repetitive effect. Each hour is different.
Experience on Win7 (also FF10.0) was very good. But I installed it on FF10.0 / Fedora 14, and it did not work.

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