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GoogleSharing is dead: Abine is abandoning it (no more updates or bug fixes) Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Abine is abandoning GoogleSharing (no more updates or bug fixes; GoogleSharing is dead). Too bad. :( Here is the transcript of chat I had with Abine representative regarding death of GoogleSharing:

Abine Rep: [1:57:12 PM] Googlesharing is very buggy as it's been in beta and we won't be updating it anymore.

Me: [1:59:16 PM] Does that mean you guys will not be offering GoogleSharing?

Abine Rep: [2:00:43 PM] Yes, we will not be offering Googlesharing, it should work, but if it does not, we are not able to help you with it. We will not offer any support since it takes time to fix the bugs and make it worthwhile for the time invested in making it more functional and more user friendly.

Me: [2:08:59 PM] You have confused me. If you are not offering support (customer support) for the product anymore, I am fine with that. But if the company is not updating the product anymore and not fixing bugs, I don't want to use it. Which of these two is it? Is it both?

Abine Rep: [2:09:52 PM] It is both.

Me: [2:12:13 PM] Ok. That is too bad. I hope that someday in the future, Abine can find a way to make GoogleSharing work.

Abine Rep: [2:16:02 PM] Thank you. I hope so too. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a good day and great weekend.