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Download Manager (S3)

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No man no, what have you done with this thing? 157.81KB/sec ... why do I need to know the bytes per sec if my speed is in the hundreds? Remove the decimal point like it used to be. 5 stars anyhow because it's the only working download statusbar at the moment.

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Excellent, but laggy Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Well this *was* good, and then about 2 days later it started lagging. 5 seconds to open a new tab? Yeah I have 200+ tabs open, but this is no excuse. Firefox is designed to have several hundreds of tabs without lag, and there is no lag until I install this addon. I've had to disable it for now. Let me know when you fix this problem (Firefox 30)

Update Scanner

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Was a good addon, when it worked. Doesn't work on Firefox 28 portable at all, it just freezes the browser forcing you to end task via task manager.

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Distill Web Monitor (formerly AlertBox)

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This "works" in theory, but it might as well not be working at all.
No place to set a URL
No options
No choice for "minimal number of changes in text before an update is triggered"
No nothing.
Take a leaf out of Update Scanner's book.

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Session Manager

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Messes up my tab groups after attempting to recover from a crash. Additionally the recovery process is extremely slow, up to and over 10 times slower than Firefox's built-in session recovery. The session auto-saving feature is great (in theory) but the recovery is bollocks.

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It works, but the functionality should be disabled when your cursor is in a form field, similar to how the SwiftTabs extension works. If you can do that, I'd give this 5 stars.

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Classic Opera

Not needed Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

- adds the ability to close *ALL* tabs without closing Firefox (close the last tab = have an empty tab bar)
>> tab mix plus has this built-in and is a far more useful addon than this
- click on the current tab selects the previously selected tab
>> funny, when I click a tab I expect that tab to be selected, not a different tab
- shift-click on a tab closes it
>> middle clicking a tab closes it too. built-in to firefox
- closing a tab will get you to the previously selected tab
>> tab mix plus does this.
- address bar searching with letters that refer to the search engine (use "g <text>" to search for <text> on Google)
>> wasting your time, firefox has this built-in
- move the address bar underneath the tab bar
>> don't care, firefox should be capable of doing this natively and there are probably a lot of other standalone addons that do this.
- move the bookmarks toolbar above the tab bar
>>same as above. besides, the bookmarks toolbar is clutter, you shouldn't have it open.
- add "close all tabs" to tab context menu
>>I would never want to close all my tabs simultaneously. Not in 10+ years of using tabbed browsing have I ever wanted to do this. Also tab mix plus has something similar.
- keyboard shortcuts: 'z' = back; 'x' = forward
>>and yet no ctrl-z to re-open last closed tab, no 1 and 2 shortcuts to switch tabs.
- add "open link in background tab" to open link context menu
>>middle clicking a link opens it in a background tab
- reduce the size of the tabs in the tab bar
>>there are so many other ways you can do this. I strongly suspect firefox can also do it natively.
- shift-click opens link in new focused tab
>>faster to middle click the link then click the new tab. don't have to move your other hand to the shift key this way.
- shift-ctrl-click open links in background tab
>>middle click

2 stars for trying, but this addon doesn't make Firefox feel like Opera (Presto) and nor is it very useful at all. Spend more time making Firefox behave like Opera in areas that count. Also, make each option in the addon selectable in some kind of settings menu.

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Stop Tube HTML5

Doesn't always work Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

I need this to block autoplay AND block buffering. Unfortunately it doesn't always work. In fact I'm not sure if it works at all.

Tree Style Tab

Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Edit: somewhat buggy. Had to disable Tab Mix Plus which is somewhat of a deal-breaker (hoping this will be fixed) Creating a new tree is difficult (forces you to use a tab as a container instead of a "label" as a container. Dragging tabs around feels a lot clumsier than before. Dragging trees around is even worse. Clicking the container tab automatically expands the tree & no way to disable this behavior afaik (would prefer double click to expand) Thinking very strongly of using tab groups (Ctrl+Shift+E) instead of this addon. I'll try the addon a few days first.

Edit2: Alright, uninstalled, it's no good for me. Tab Mix Plus is an absolutely essential addon, and the fact that it is incompatible with this means I can't use this. Even if it were compatible, dragging tabs about and organizing tabs with this is just messy, and laggy too. I found another addon that does everything I wanted from this one perfectly:
Note: I'm using tabgroups manager with FF 20.0 apparently it's incompatible with newer versions (20.01 and v21+ etc.)

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Save My Tabs

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Fantastic addon, but I don't think it works with tab groups. I keep multiple tabs across several tab groups. Would be five stars if it supported tab groups.

Menu Editor

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Well, it doesn't work. I'm using it on Aurora 19 and the options are blank. I'm only trying to modify my right-click menu, and this addon doesn't help.


Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Can't give it 5 stars because there is a glitch:

Switching from "Don't load images" to "Load cached images only" often (or always) does not work. It should load cached images immediately, and instead, to view the cached images, you are forced to switch to "Load all images", which completely defeats the purpose of cached image mode.

If I'm using this addon to save bandwidth by browsing in cached images mode 90% of the time, I don't want to have to switch to load all images.

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Hide Tabbar

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Started closing my tabs one by one every time I toggled them on/off.

This addon is worse than useless. It's destructive.

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Key to the previous tab: 1Key to the next tab: 2[check] Stop working when the cursor is on an input form.I had a look at 3 other addons that mucked up input forms. I have finally found the perfect single key tab switch addon. As you can guess, I'm an Opera user.

Edit: dropping this from 5 to 3 stars. I discovered that it doesn't work if you've just middle clicked on an image link (to open it in a background tab). Since I middle click image links all the time, it's a bit of a gamebreaker. Opera doesn't have this issue. If this is fixed I'll push it back to 5 stars.

History disable button

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Toolbar button for temporary disabling history (& address bar auto-complete except bookmarked sites)

"except bookmarked sites"

This needs an option to hide autocomplete for bookmarked sites as well. It isn't any use to me if it cannot do that.

Key config

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The addon is a bit glitched. If you press 1 or 2 to switch tabs while the cursor is in a text box, it switches tabs instead of inputting 1 or 2 into the text box. This makes it impossible to type 1 or 2 unless you do it in an external application (eg. notepad) and copy-paste to the text box in Firefox.

This addon should not switch tabs using 1/2 shortcut keys while text box is selected.

Single Key Tab Switch

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About the tab skipping issue I wrote about before; false alarm, it was another addon causing the issue.

However there is another glaring issue that makes this addon unusable: When typing in some text boxes, if I type 1 or 2, it will switch tabs, making it impossible to type 1 or 2 in said text box. This may not happen with all text boxes but if you want to test this issue for yourself, just try in the forum. Opera does not have this issue with its single-key shortcuts, as it won't switch tabs if a text box is highlighted (which is how this addon should behave)

Ultimately I cannot use this addon until this issue is addressed.

Online Convert

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Doesn't remember my image quality settings for JPG (I almost always select medium), this forces me to click "Change JPG settings" and change it manually every time.

Doesn't have a "convert to JPG" link on the addon's right-click menu in Firefox (forcing you to go to the website and at least click the button "Convert to JPG")

I need to be able to right click an image-link and select "Convert Link to JPG" without any sub-menu's. Currently doing that takes 7 steps with the addon:

1. right click image-link
2. hover "convert link to"
3. click "Image"
4. click "Change JPG settings"
5. click the quality dropdown menu
6. click "medium"
7. click "Convert file"

Doing this without the addon:
1. right click image-link
2. copy link location
3. open new tab
4. click my speed-dial link
5. paste
6. select medium quality
7. click "Convert file"

So basically I'm not saving any steps at all by having the addon installed. The only benefit to me is that I don't need to use the clipboard.

This should be do-able in a single step:
1. "Convert Link to JPG"


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Would be nice to have a 1/4 page size scroll option for step size.

1/5 is too slow
1/3 is too fast

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As an Opera user, this makes Firefox a bit more bearable. I cannot fathom why Firefox and Chromium don't have this built-in.

Seems to work perfectly on Aurora.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Ctrl+Z undoes the last closed tab when you have a text box in another tab selected, meaning it is impossible to undo text without disabling the addon (or resorting to some other weird method that no-one should have to do)

Ctrl+Z should not undo the last closed tab if a text box in your current tab is selected. 5 stars edited down to 3 stars.

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