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Not perfect. Can sometimes click on the content under it, and it broke on youtube recently. Luckily the below trick worked:

Source: review of Vince O\'Farrell. Everything that follows comes from his review:
Glenoaks solution works.
A fuller explanation of what he proposes is:
1. Make sure you have Adblock (Plus) installed.
2. Click on ABP drop-down list, then Filter preferences.
3. Click on Custom filters tab, then add group, calling it anything, like, "fix youtube".
3.5 show the filters if they're not visible (ctrl+R) and click Add filter button.
4. Add the following rule all on one line:
5. The rule should be enabled by default.
6. Enjoy (you may need to reload your YT page).

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Doesn't seem to have any advantage over other download managers, other than launching faster due to firefox integration and its smaller filesize.
Gives confuzing statistics like average download speed that isn't average or estimated time left that changes wildly every second. Has some bugs too.
Doesn't give a tooltip or any hint as to what the "cancel all downloads so that you have to restart them all even when at 99%" button does till you click it.

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