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Seems to be broken Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Always getting "Service Unnavailable" messages. Barely ever does it actually translate for me. Hope it gets fixed soon, because it's so handy to have!

Simple Text Editor

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Finally a simple text editor that can use my browser's character encoding! I can see all characters now!

All I hope for in the future is the ability to export to advanced text files, text size, and color scheme options, like solarized, inkpot, etc. !


Something to replace ABP/E Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It is well designed and barebones in ui. It is quick and simple, and advanced (if you want)!
I was so happy to notice that it came with an element blocker, unlike ABP/E.
One thing I wish it had was a preview mode for element blocking and that's it. I would say that when if comes to the settings and features of the element blocker, ABP/E is better. I hope uBlock catches up on that, but that's not preventing me from using it.
Another nice thing would be a flash blocker, tab on Flash elements. Sommething similar to what ABP/E had. Then again I have Flashblock that!

PS I am pretty happy the icon and title has stayed the way it looked originally since the initialization of uBlock!

Add to Search Bar

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Straightforward functionality and works just as described. I have not had a problem adding custom search entries yet.
There is one problem and that is whenever I update this add-on or Firefox, the custom entries vanish from my list, and I have to add them all over again.

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Download Statusbar

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Not upgrading to 26 until this updates.
It's pretty crappy that I am reading the developer is removing the comments to use the other addon like this. I might just update and use the other one now, actually.

Other than that the customization and stuff is great.
Get to developing C.J.!

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My favorite RSS tool. Lots of great options
Now works with FF22. I don't know why, but even version 1.0.0b3 worked for FF22 for me, but happy to know that it has been updated with some nice changes as well.

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Classic Compact

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Until this updates, I won't be updating to Firefox 20+. This is an add-on I can't live without

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Please have an option for toggling animations! Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Pros: A very compact and customizable add-on. You can make the design very minimal and achieve the same information any download manager would give you, such as using small texts and custom color codes.

Cons: THE ONLY con which makes this add-on so aggravating is the animation when the download clears itself, or even if you manually clear it. Animated gifs get choppy, switching tabs takes a noticeably long time, the context menu takes a while to come up; the whole browser just slows down and I have a very up-to-date computer
Having an option to turn off animations would make this add-on absolutely perfect, but I have been waiting a while for that feature and nothing is coming up.