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Toolbar Autohide

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Great, I can use it to make tabbar not go over content in fullscreen, but rather to float above it.

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Image Toolbar

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This is great! :)

I've been torchering myself for months by doing "Save as..." and then clicking "Save". That is OK if you do it, like, once a day, but I like going through galleries and collecting photos, and that is horribly ineffective way to do it. It makes you not want to save images anymore because it is so tedious.

I have customized Image Toobar so it shows only small save icon without text and it is very functional without making things ugly (big toolbar with text that comes by default is OK, but it is a bit clunky).

I suggest adding transparency as an option to make it even more smooth and less of "a poke in the eye", in lack of a better term :D (not that is is bad the way it is now).

5 stars! :)


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great :) i don't need to have a separate download manager always sitting in tray and leeching resources..
it really does accelerate downloads (of course not by magic but by increasing number of connections to the server so it can turn against you if you overdo it :), it's not just a story, and i guess that x4 acceleration comes pretty close to reality.

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Download Statusbar

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i believe all active downloads should be kept to the left,and finished or paused or canceled (or anything else) to the right...current situation is otherwise and it makes it very hard to see what is going on...not that is it that bad..but the purpose of this addon was to make downloads more streamlined and clear and in my opinion just changing this little thing would make a lot of difference..

now i'm forced to unninstall it because it doesn't help me, and look for another extesion which does the job of organizing better... and also, i believe there is an option to remove all finished downloads from list, but it doesn't work for me (don't keep download history or sth like that)..clutter always emerges back somehow.

i really don't mean to devalue the addon, but just it seems to me that some very obvious thing about organizing download list are not there,and they are very simple to implement