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Policy Control - JavaScript and Flash blocker

Not today maybe in the futur Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

As today, Policy Control seems to work fine but it isn't yet a real alternative to some another addons (like RequestPolicy, Policeman, uMatrix etc). The author needs to add features (such as import/export, commit, restore etc) and to design a (new) GUI more friendly. It's just a long path to create each rules manually... That's a lack and it would be easier to process via one real GUI (take a look on the other addons).
One little drawback, there's nothing to disable the popup about the asterisk (only accepts one, yes yes I already know it). Also, the regex, it's entirely supported ? The wildcard could be use at once e.g. Amazon ? It isn't very clear...
And the favicon seems to create a little trouble. You might want to create a global (or default) rule because several (all ?) website doesn't show any domain.
It would be very nice to have another alternative. There's a true potential.

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Shim Storage

Works fine but very light Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

I assume, there's a way to check if the HTM5 storage is enable or require. So, I expected some features with this addon. It works very fine but there's only a whitelist (nothing else) and I dislike that (too light).
You're lucky when you discover why some websites didn't work (like the Humble Bundle Store). I guess, it wasn't design to inform the user. After all, there's nothing like a warning.
Also one (toolbar) icon would be nice. For me, it's an easier and quick way to configure one addon. And there's no way to export or import the whitelist. One day, the list could be very long.

As today (19/07), I discover a trouble with the website : Despite the fact, I did add this website in the whitelist...
The error message : "Sorry, we were unable to initialize the browser's local storage, either you're using an outdated browser or it's something from our side. If you think it's our fault, please report the issue back to us.
Reason: localStorage is null".
Even after a (full) restart, the trouble is still present... It will be nice to solve this issue.
And my browser can't be a bit outdated because it's the latest (stable) version.

As today (29/11), since the new version (42), the trouble has gone. The addon isn't require anymore. Mega works fine without.

Masking Agent

Not bad, could do better Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

For me, this addon is almost good. He works fine but sometimes I get a trouble with some websites. Yes a very few but the issue is real... So the website doesn't work (at all like Scribens etc) or it cause a big mistake (like YouTube with the HTML5 player etc). Unless you change the default value to the right one... It could be hard to find...

Also, It isn't easy (or obvious) to determine he's the cause of these issues. You should know (or remember) one thing, always reload (a full) the website after you switch off this addon. Otherwise the issue will stay.
And I dislike the missing of some features. Like one (toolbar) icon and a whitelist. The aim, an easier and quick way to disable/enable this addon or exclude a website. That's a real lack...

Edit : Thanks for the quick update. It's really nice to see that to you take care. That's improve a lot the addon.
Read 4,5 the rating doesn't seem to allow a partial (half star).

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Privacy Badger

Wait and see the futur release Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Hi, for now I'm little disappointed. I hope it will change but I had to wait for the next release (0.1.3 as mentioned before mine review). Yes, as you can maybe guess, the third-party cookies are block by default in Firefox. So, I couldn't give him a real try.
Also, I hope in the futur, Privacy Badger will be some kind of an alternative for RequestPolicy. I think, it would be great.

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Needs improvements Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Well, it's damage. This addon doesn't work with several addons (e.g RequestPolicy etc). Some many values stay instead to be deleted.Also, this addon is very poor. There's only a few features. For example, you can't see which values in about:config will be removed by this addon...It's can be dangerous, if you don't take care.
At least, I find a solution which consist to edit the pref.js file in the Firefox profil. This addon doesn't allow to do that too...
Also, I advice you to correct/change the name of the .xpi file. In the profil, it's not easy to determinate which file is the eCleaner addon. Instead of eCleaner.xpi it's something like that :"{c72c0c73-4eb0-4fb3-af0f-074e97326cfd}.xpi". It's very practical...Some developers take care about that and some many users enjoy this.


So Simple Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Nice addon because it's work great (test with Firefox v20). Also, it's more practice to use it than the usual way.

It's damage that this addon use only the status bar of Firefox. That's why it isn't possible to change the location of the icon. Could you change this ? I don't use the statuts bar and I'll enjoy if could add a way to put the icon in a toolbar (navigation etc).
If you couldn't please explain me how to do that or give me a link of one tutorial.

Thanks for your addon.

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Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

It's a very great addon. But it's damage that it's doesn't work correctly (bug) with the latest Nightly version of Firefox (20 & 21). Maybe you know that ? I hope you will fix it. I open a topic and this the link : .

Edit : Thanks for your answer. If you need more details, ask me. If I can answer, I will do it. Cheers.

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