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Search Tab

move to browser top/autohide taskbar interferes Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

can you enable its inclusion with the other editable elements in the toolbar 'Customize' feature ?

windows 7 has pulled the ability to have the Autohiding taskbar not stay on top, and i just can't deal with it 'popping' up everytime i touch the bottom of the window, or even approach it to use something down there. i end up having to carefully 'squeeeeeeze' my way onto whatever icon ... or the taskbar pops up if i miss.

it drives me nuts, but until i resolve my concern, i would like to move ST to the top of the browser.

** side note** d'you know of a workaround for the deleted taskbar behavior setting i'm talking about, besides relocating the taskbar left/right/top ? XP permitted it, and i believe Vista did too.

are you familiar with my dilemma ?

Quick Maps

two suggestions Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

1. the map that pops up somehow begs to adopt one of the traits of these slideshow images; that is, when you click outside of the map (i.e., on your current web page), or press 'esc', the floating frame should disappear. this business of needing to target the 'top-right' close/'X', button, bites !!

2. i use browser-based yahoo mail, &, unless i'm an idiot (often, i will use this in my defense), and am missing something obvious, addresses, in the email text don't seem to be supported.

whad'ya think ?

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