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I love LastPass. Very easy to use. I have been able to use this to keep my over 100 log in passwords and it has always worked. Even with more complex banking log ins. I've been using it for almost a year. Note: "easy to use" does not mean you don't have to learn to use the features. There are lots of them so plan to spend a little time looking it over and trying the features to customize things.

A single near impossible to guess password that types easily is all I need to recall for access to my world. For added security I use Sesame secondary authentication, which is especially nice when traveling and using unknown computers in hotels.

The standard version is free to use and it's only $12 annually for the premium version which is necessary for use on your mobile devices. I have a Samsung tablet so the premium version was an easy decision, what a bargain! LastPass is easily worth the price for the peace of mind it provides not to mention it provides me secure access to all my passwords from any computer with a single password.

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