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Elite Proxy Switcher

The most elegant and status bar friendliest proxy switcher available for Firefox Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen


Thank you for the Elite Proxy Switcher!

The very name, might fool most of the people thinking that this is visually complicated and not status bar friendly proxy switcher.

When in fact, as I write this lines (26.06.2014) this it the most elegant and status bar friendliest proxy switcher available for Firefox. I know, because I’ve tried more then 30 of them today, looking for the simplicity that I have on my JonDoFox proxy switcher. This is the closest you will find for regular Firefox. Make sure to download "The Addon Bar (Restored)" extension, otherwise you will not be able to see your Elite Switcher.

Don’t change anything - it works!

Just maintain with new version of FF, that is all what is needed.

Send Link in context menu

Not working in 17.0.1 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen


For some reason this is not working with the latest 17.0.1 update? Tried several resets, but alas, no change?

Is this related to new version or I have missed something?

Thank you Jasna for making some sense in what seems to be Mozilla fashion fest to remove the very last bit of functionality in Firefox. What is next? Should we look in coming months, add-on for "Save as" in, say FF20?