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Prostetnic highlighter

Getting there... Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

I've been using this highlighter for a few days now. Right away I noticed a few issues, but they weren't show stoppers and were easily worked around. The first being that the "highlight selected text" button wouldn't highlight text if it was placed on the navigation bar instead of the add-on bar, as is my preference. I was also disappointed that there weren't basic keyboard commands, which would speed things up for us command junkies.Just now, and what reminded me to write this review, was my "undo most recent highlight" button stopped working. It's not even selectable, as my cursor changes to the text-selection cursor when hovering over it. This is a pickle because the highlighter can highlight more than intended.Overall lots of potential. With a few bug fixes I'd give it 4 stars, and keyboard commands would earn it a 5.


Thanks for the reply. I use macs, so in my case command + option (alt) + H. But if I can learn to use command + D for bookmarks, anything will work haha.

I'm happy to know you're doing your best with this app. I tried every bloody highlighting app available for FF 17 last night, and this is the only one with serious potential to live up to what I expect a highlighter app to be. Keep up the good work [=

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Tile Tabs

AWESOME. Just one suggestion! Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

I'll admit it. When I found this, I squealed like a baby piglet. I knew it was EXACTLY what was missing from my current browsing experience since I often work better by including more relevant information in my work space rather than less. Ironically, what leads me to love this add-on also highlights its shortcomings as of right now.

Here's the thing: you can only have one instance of tiled tabs at a time. So if you're writing a paper, and you have 3 tabs tiled for research into your first supporting point, you're unable to tile other tabs separate from those, whether they're in the same tab group or not (probably because it tab groups won't make a difference to the code, just thought I'd fill everyone in). If this one hindrance was changed, the way I work would just... evolve. That would be a massive improvement on an already great experience! To make it easier to organize, perhaps tile sets could be numbered like tab groups are?

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