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As a web developer, I use this every day with deep gratitude toward the developers.

Firebug is really easy to use. In the years I've been using Firebug, it's revolutionized the way I develop web pages, and I've never once had to consult the manual.

Before this add-on came into my life, fine-tuning the appearance of a page was a long process: where I changed the file, uploaded the new file to the web server, refresh the page and hope for the best. Inevitably, it would be repeated dozens of times. Now, I just make the change in Firebug and immediately see the results. Making pixel-perfect renderings of Photoshop files is an order of magnitude easier with Firebug.

I've been using Firebug for years, but there's still functionality I've never used - not because it's obtuse, because it offers so many tools, I haven't needed all of them. You can troubleshoot stylesheets, Javascript, bad markup, Ajax calls, slow-loading pages and probably more. It will show you the source of the page as it exists in real-time - if you use Firefox's "View Source" it shows you the source of the page when it loaded, so if there are Javascript functions that change the contents of the page, you can't see them. With Firebug, it's as simple as clicking on the element in question.

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DuckDuckGo (Lite SSL)

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I'm so glad there's a Duck Duck Go plugin that works without Javascript! It behaves exactly as expected.

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