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Name Mukphly
Benutzer seit Okt. 17, 2012
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Two Million Users Can't Be wrong. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I have a dial up connection that requires me to download video files in order to watch them. DTA benefits this process in several ways. (1) Since my connection drops me at least a couple times a day, the ability to continue a download where it was interrupted (or paused) is reason enough for me to use DTA. (2) Once the download has started, the tab where the video originated from may be closed w/o affecting the download process. This is nice for me, for rather then having to keep a page open that has a video loading on that I don't need, I can close that tab & save the meager dial up resources for something else. Many other benefits besides these two, but these two are the ones that benefit me the most for what I use it for. It is one of the handful of essential add ons for FF.

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4,500 Blocks & Counting Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I installed DNT+ a little over a month ago & it not only has blocked over 4500 tracking attempts in that time, it has done this so quietly (no alerts, no little pop up windows etc.) that I actually forgot that I had it installed. DNT+ is a Ninja who preys on tracking software, & I am very happy that it is part of my system.

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Memory Fox

Simply WOW Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Just finished activating MF while I had my process manager open & watched FF memory usage go from 225,000 kb down to 24,000 kb in a matter of seconds. While the memory usage did eventually climb back up to around 80,000kb, that is still a 60% +/- reduction which to me is remarkable considering I noticed no performance fall off at all.

My knowledge of computers strictly pertains to using them. How they do what they do I have no idea, but even I can understand that a 60% reduction in memory use w/ no noticeable performance fall off is something that is to be recognized as quality craftsmanship & makes me wonder why IDEFVH is not on Mozilla's payroll. Thank You for your efforts in building & maintaining MF.

To all you out there who are concerned about the amount of memory FF uses, give MF a try & you to will see just what an effective tool this app is.

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