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Toolbar Buttons

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i have been using this for a long time with firefox. i would love this to be supported again . if it were to be there are many new buttons that could be provided apart from the type all ready included. GROUPS of interest buttons could be provided to give links to commercial / private sites covering subjects such as genealogy, news, sport, blogs, craft the list is of course endless. i am currently using the button maker linked from the site to make my own links for genealogy but it would be so much better to be able to get buttons like these in the addon or from a forum. I HOPE THIS ADDON LIVES ON FOR EVER!

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SmartVideo For YouTube

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this is a welcome add on. i was having problems with playback of all online videos due to having a very old computer which has only 512 mb of ram and the buffering was causing a mis match of audio and image. with this addon i can suspend play back until it is fully buffered and see the video as it should be. so if like me you have an old computer which you are not able to replace this will help you enjoy and see videos with out problems. (currently i have only tested on youtube)

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