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A good try, but it falls short--way short !!! Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I applaud Blur for trying to safeguard sensitive consumer information such as passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. But, in my opinion, Blur fails far short of the application / browser extension that consumers need for their protection.

My experience bears this out. For instance, after subscribing to a premium membership today, I tried to purchase something from an online store using a credit card. And, the result was disasterous !!!

Yes, a fictitious card number, phone number, and email address were generated. But, I had no idea who was collecting it, how it was being stored, and how it was being protected. (For example, when I contacted Abine, I heard that it did not know who was storing the credit card number, and how it was being safeguarded.)

Additionally, the amount of the transaction was billed to my credit card company, but the transaction itself was never completed. And the company I purchased from had no record of the transaction.

Finally, I discovered that my password manager (LastPass) no longer worked as it was supposed to--even though I had disabled Blur's password feature beforehand.

With so much of your senstive personal information at stake, should you entrust it to Blur now? No, in my opinion. (I just don't think Blur is ready for "prime time.")

My advice to Blur: "Whatever you do, keep it simple." And, ensure that prospective users know exactly what you're going to do with their sensitive personal information before you acquire it.

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Trashmail is very confusing Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

This is a very confusing add-on. I added it to Firefox several years ago, stopped using for a while, and then returned to it recently. And, it's no easier to use than it was when I first discovered it.

The available domain names (most begin with "trash") are an obvious hint to the person/organization sending you email that it's going into the trash--not the impression I'd want to make if I want to show any respect at all to that person/organization.

It's not clear when you must sign up for the "plus" account. For instance, I've had a free account for years; yet, I cannot use the permanent email address associated with that account without signing up for a "plus" account.

For some reason, the defaullt email address associated with my account is different from the one to which I want to send trash mail. And, I cannot change the default address.

I don't know how much more confusing and frustrating an add-on could be.

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'Not clear on how to specify or remove a real address. If you specify a new one and then try to register it, the Add-on may tell you that the address already exists.

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