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WOT - Sicher surfen

Guide not Guarantee Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

WOT has been on every computer I use since it was first available. While it is sometimes over cautious, I have never had a bad experience from it. However, it is a guide. It helps you make choices when you have no other data available. If it says it is a bad site, and you know for certain it is not, then go there anyway. If you don't know for certain, take precautions, do research on it or just don't go there. WOT says someone had a problem, and you should consider that before you go there. Their problems might not be a problem for you,but it is still worth considering.

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WOT - Sicher surfen

Great Add-On Thanks Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

WOT has saved me on more than one occasion. A mistyped URL can send you places you don't want to be. WOT stops the page from loading, and gives you the choice to continue or not.

My father is nearly 90, but he likes his computer. He has a web of folks that send him all kinds of stuff, some of which are URLs that are not what they appear to be. I was forever taking spyware, etc. off of his computer. With WOT, I just tell him if it doesn't have a green circle, don't go there. If it says the site has a bad reputation, don't go there. WOT is a great help to him and me.
Many thanks!

Oh, and don't be mislead by the negative comments. WOT can be a little over cautious, but it gives good guidance, and you still have the opportunity to continue if you are sure you want to do it. The negatives are almost exclusively from the folks at those sites you really don't want to visit, and they don't like having light shined on them. Consider their comments an endorsement for WOT's good work..

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