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Mozilla and WOT staff, a bunch of incompetent people. Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

LOL, thanks to previous comments of other users we figured out what's going on. Me and a few of my neighbors posted a couple of reviews here during past several months, we were the ones deleted, some of you might recall when Mozilla massively removed a bunch of reviews. We also urged our friends to do so.

Here's what's going on. We spoke to our ISP and it appears ISP is rotating IP addresses from their pool of IP addresses assigning each time the address, that is available from that same pool, once a person establishes an Internet connection. This is called a dynamic as opposed to a static IP addressing.

Now, we didn't get all the other details, but it appears that we share the same cable as well, all of us from the same neighborhood, but it doesn't matter, even people who're far away but use same ISP are being assigned an address that is available from the same pool of IP addresses. And this ISP covers half of the city.

So, if I connect to internet and be assigned 123, post a review, then disconnect. address 123 becomes available for next user, he gets connected assigned 123 posts a review, and it appears as if 2 different accounts are from the same IP address to the system here and on WOT. LOL!

ISP charges higher fees for a static address, we all here use cheap Internet. You people are incompetent!

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