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Rainbow Color Tools

Just What I Needed :D Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This add-on is amazing. I first discovered this add-on when I was typing a letter for school to be sent to administrators. I needed our exact school colors to make sure that the letterhead came out right. For those of you that are in the desktop publishing business, you know how much fun it is when your trying to find the right color in the Microsoft Office color palettes. Since I used Firefox all the time, I figured there was a web tool out there that could find the find the colors on our school website and match them with my letter. To my delight I found Rainbow Color Tools which not only solved my problem but saved those colors for next time I need them. It is as simple as coping the RGB values into office and that's it. The add-ons for Firefox never ceases to amaze me in their sheer numbers and usefulness.

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