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Benutzer seit Okt. 12, 2011
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Good add-on. Almost exactly what I needed.

But caution: if you have more than one firefox profiles, do not forget to turn muter off before you close firefox! Otherwise you'll be as unpleasantly surprised as I was the next time you open up a firefox profile: even if that profile itself does not muter installed, the tabs will be soundless anyway.

Link Gopher

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Great tool, especially useful due to the filtering. Has fast become an almost vital tool for me. Only two things missing that would make this perfect:
1) Remove it from the add-on bar or at least make it possible to drag it away from there to any other toolbar. It's placement in the add-on bar is rather annoying, considering I don't like using that bar and have no other add-ons there.

2) The ability for the tool to extract links in text form on the page as well.

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Theoretically, this is a great add-on, and just what I need.

But one big problem: it randomly stops working far too often, at least with firefox 19. And by that I mean that right mouse-->"edit source"--->nothing happens (even though I haven't forgotten to start by clicking the addon button) So until that is fixed, it's practically useless.