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Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

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This is one of the most useful Firefox extensions and the first one I ever install in fresh Firefox installations.

No longer I have to worry about the separate HTML + Folder setup for saved pages, which is not only complicated but also unpleasant to see on any file manager.

With this add-on I just save webpages as MAFF and that's it. Simple and effective. All saved in a single file. It can even save HTML5 video and audio. If you ever need to access one single file from a saved webpage, you simply use your ZIP file manager to open the MAFF file and browse its contents.

Definitely a must have Firefox extension.

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Scrapbook Lite

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As of version 1.2.0 all menu entries in chinese make this add-on useless for non chinese users. It would be a nice add-on otherwise.

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