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Benutzer seit Juli 31, 2011
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Super Start

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Very primitive Speed Dial imitation - has no groups, no export or import facilities, does not provide multible tabs and speeddials are not mirrored as bookmarks - in the long term will just eat your time and not make browsing faster. Bad software, do not touch it!

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JSON Calendar Provider

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Hi, please, Mr. Developer, could you update this plugin to work with latest Sunbird?

I know, moz update policy is braindamaged atm, but please anyway keep up with the updates until things come back to sanity, thanks!

hCalendar Provider

PLEASE UPDATE Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This plugin looks very interesting, but it says it is not compatible with 1.0b1, so we can not use it.

I know, the new moz update policy is an ill brainchild of a person totally ignorant to plugin developers, but, dear developer, could you *pleeeeease* update this plugin anyway until this br0ken update idiocy changes back to something more intelligent?



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This addon is a great idea - however it really should differentiate google services, as it has some side effects, e.g. google site search will not work for websites, so if you are on a website and wonder why you have no search results, there might be a chance that the webmaster is using google site search and google sharing breaks this. Also with this addon the new google instant searh feature will become incredibly slow, not usable at all, however instant search is a PITA privacywise anyway.