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Easy, Simple, Perfect Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Amazing, very simple and effective way reading .epub files. Only draw back is the fack I can't seem to find a page number; that won't stop me from using it, though.

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Unstable Download rate (For me atleast) Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I was very happy, and ready to try this when I first looked at it. I even got some random file just to test it out. It was nice, friendly user interface, very much like an external down-loader I used to use. The problem was, it couldn't keep a stable download rate. It was always moving in big jumps of 15-30 kb/s. Also It never reached my maximum download rate which is 350 kb/s which the down-loader for Mozilla always reaches. The 32 MB file I downloaded took 10-14 minutes (the unstable download speed kept changing up the time) The download rate also never got over +100 on a good jump up before going back down. 2 stars, loved the interface, but it seemed to not do what it was meant to do. Download my stuff. (PS I had it on unlimited, that is default anyways) To bad I will still use it, and the -400% download rate. Like I said, amazing interface, love the way it works. If you experienced the dulled down download rate, feel free to give me an email on how to fix it... zyther.xy@gmail.com.

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