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Torrent Tornado

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very good app, really liked it. I have firefox 52 and using this app. REcently my forefox keep crashing while torrent tornado is starts. if i pause it, all works fine. IF i resume torrent tornado after few seconds later firefox crashes.

Torrent Control

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Hello, the app is magnificent. I have installed it 2 weeks back and used it with no issues. Today, 4th January 2018 i tried to use it and the torrent starts downloading but the whole Mozilla got slow. All other browser activity or working start acting like slow. Mouse movements or click or open anything or type on Mozilla takes really slow. I have not upgrade my browser, still same 52.5.3.
whats happening here? If i pause the torrent, all back to normal.

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Easy YouTube Video Downloader

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i am using firefox 18.
previously the addon worked fine. i click 'download' button, it showed diff process with bit rates to save.

now i shows..i chose and it says video queued..never pop up save as file option


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