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Name stoneluvzbeer
Ort Sturgis, Kentucky
Beruf Bouncer
Benutzer seit Juni 2, 2011
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Well as you can see I work as a bouncer, I'm 6'5 320 pounds with 7 tattoo's and 32 piercings. I love working, clubbing, going to motorcycle rally's, shooting guns, concerts and partying my fucking ass off. I live in a very small town called Sturgis, Kentucky population maybe, if where lucky, 1,400 people.......hell I'm the biggest thing that lives in that town lol. I love all kinds of music but mostly death metal SLAYER is the shit, but I can also jam to B.B.King.....big difference yeah I know but I just love music I guess, so thats me in a nut shell if ya wanna know more about me you'll just have to ask........and yes ladies I'm single lol

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I love Ghostery, it blocks more cookies then DNT, very simple to use and not to cluttered up. The options page is very easy to navigate, I highly recommend this to any user, but I believe it works much better on Firefox then it does Chrome.

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