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From Ecstatic to Disappointed Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I've relied on Lightning for many years, since it gave me an alternative to Outlook when added to Thunderbird, and I no longer had to parallel my email gathering and calendar maintenance between Seamonkey or the two-window Thunderbird/Sunbird combo (and still have to use Outlook for some endeavours).

With today's update of both Thunderbird and Lightning, that ease (and trust) ended, since Lightning only gives me a grid. Worse, in going back (yes, that's how important my calendar is) to the previous versions of the client and calendar (where both worked together), Lightning does nothing. It won't load. Its button has disappeared, as has its integration into Thunderbird ("settings" gives me only the client's settings, with no Lightning options).

Now I'm left wondering if my calendar database(s) are okay and still usable, should I manager to get a working version of Lightning installed. I may very well go back to paper for time management. It may be old tech, but it has proved consistent and reliable.

This is not a bug report. This is a review of the latest iteration of the extension as I've experienced it. Since I use the app for time management, there is a high lever of trust that it will be there, functional and unglitched.

That trust was broken today. (Even worse, reviews of the newest version posted here were met with admonishments that they were glitch reports. The disappointed user shouldn't be made to feel guilty for posting a bad review of something that doesn't work, based on their honest experience.)

Yeah: Really not happy.

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Works Too Well Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Now I can't log on to sites because Disconnect prevents my password manager from filling password fields.

Wrong kind of disconnect.

I shouldn't have to hunt for instruction on how to work around this stupidity, so I've disconnected Disconnect.

I should be able to deal with this on the control panel, but it's about celebrating what's been blocked, yet not at all clear about how to take down a barrier.

On the other hand, it did protect me from trackers, because I couldn't even enter the website.

Still, I was looking for a tracker blocker, not a helicopter mom. Disconnect didn't even make it past the first site I loaded after installation.

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Show/hide passwords

Fifty/Fifty Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Worked beautifully when I logged on to this site.

When I logged in to Gmail, the toggle appeared with the log-in ID field, not with the Password field (on the next screen). This could be due to Google's changed log-in design. Still, considering a Google log-in is used in the illustration, something needs to be updated.

Three stars for working as advertised, when the site allows it to do so.

As it stands, I'm still waiting for an extension that breaks site designers' infantilization of end-users. I don't need their protection from my decision of revealing my password to myself when I choose to do so (when I can choose to do so).

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Restartless Restart

Convenient (When It's Allowed to Run) Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Cool, small, great idea.

But since update to FF35, it doesn't run.

Nor can I reinstall it (FF says it can't modify a required file to do so), yet it's not marked incompatible, either.

What gives?

URL Fixer

Good Idea Gone Rogue Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Not quite as out-of-the-box useable as described. For example *.con was corrected to * Don't know why (but I have a guess).

That's only one example of inexplicable "corrections" leading nowhere. Strangely, gmail.con became Go figure.

Even a search-and-replace entry was "corrected to a dotcn "domain," and it was correctly entered as dotcom.

If I'm going to be asked if a correction is correct, I'd like to say "yes," BEFORE the site is open. Given the unpredictable nature of the changes, I'd like to keep the door shut on some bad places, and I certainly don't want to go there unintentionally. It's quite different if I opt to use auto-correct. Then it's spin the wheel and take my chances.

The two stars are for the search-and-replace feature, since I can shorthand some regular addresses (even with the incorrect correction of my replacement entry). The jury's still out on the rest of it.

Update--One Day later: Now it's adding cpn to dotcom addresses, eg: Don't know why.

Telling it that the result is not correct does nothing. Next time out (using the same dotcom address), we just go 'round the same circle.

In one case, I've put an address on the do-not-correct list, yet it is constantly "corrected," to something wrong (dotcom changed to a domain I've never heard of nor can find when searched for.) Again, saying the correction is incorrect does nothing. It happens again and again.

Really unreliable. I fear I'll be sent to a "bad" address sooner or later if I keep using URL Fixer.

My guess to what's going on: The pool of collected "corrected" addresses is faulty and could be used to bend this useful idea to nefarious endeavors. Better to stick to correcting mistyped domains, and leaving customized corrections internal to the user's search-and-replace list.

Right now, based on my experience, URL Fixer can't be trusted.

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Secure Login

Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

The developers' comments state: "It is now (2013) considered abandonware until an enthusiastic developer will take over."

Although not shouted from the rooftops, someone named Sarah has assumed this responsibility. I look forward to an update of both the extension AND the developers' comments to reflect this change in leadership.

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tabs closebutton restored

So why do I need this? Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Did not do anything. Did not write an entry to about:config. Only added an entry to Extensions.

I read what its more... had to say, then added the entry manually. (It's an integer, by the way.)

My preference entry remains. The extension has been removed.

Try Configuration Mania instead. You have the same control (and more) using check boxes, and you don't have to edit about:config to make changes.

Super Date Format

Still No Joy Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I can't believe it's been a year since I last tried this extension. I can't believe that it still doesn't (quite) work as described.

I reinstalled the add-on into TB 24.2, setup the date-and-time format and columns I wanted, then rebooted. The date appears the way I want, but the time remains in %r (am/pm) and not the %R (24-hour) entered in the settings dialogue.

This time, the date format I choose was maintained after closing TB and rebooting, but the time format never materialized the way I wanted it.

This extension still needs work to achieve the functionality it promises.

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Auto-Sort Bookmarks

The Good with the Imperfect Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Current version has pluses and a minus.

The pluses are the increased sort options and delays, which gives the add-on increased flexibility.

The minus (for a limited audience) is the effect this version has on the "automatic" number of columns set by the Multicolumn Bookmarks add-on. While I appreciate the third column (everything seemed to appear on screen), I lost any control over scrolling the listings horizontally (I discovered a fifth column off screen). With 2 columns, it scrolled vertically, and there were controls at the top and bottom of the window. The previous version of Auto-Sort Bookmarks integrated completely with Multicolumn Bookmarks. That is not the case now. Too bad.

When looking at extension, I want them not only to play well with the browser's native features, but with each other, as well.

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QCLean:Remove Facebook Ads,Suggested Pages&Posts

Works, but under another name Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

This extension does its quite limited job. The ads on Facebook Newsfeed went away, as did the "suggested" stuff.

That isn't a fair trade for the fact that I can't uninstall this extension (if I were so inclined) because it does not appear in the list of extensions in FF add-on manager (which may have been Phoenix's point below). This no-start add-on says it's installed, and there are behaviours that indicate that it's installed, but I can't find it after it's installed. That's bad (malware-like) behaviour.

This should be a no-star rating (if that were allowed), until this behaviour is corrected.

[So, if I wanted to do so, how do I get rid of it (or disable it)? (I can't believe this got by the Mozilla review people.)]

UPDATE: I've found the entry is the Add-ons extensions list, under the name No Facebook Page Recommend, not the name listed here, "QCLean:Remove Facebook Ads,Suggested Pages&Posts" (or some version thereof), which is still bad behaviour.

I've revised my star-rating accordingly.

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Self-Destructing Cookies

Works Really Well. Maybe Too Well Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Installed the extension. It wiped every cookie I had immediately, including ones I wished to keep, upon installation, which didn't allow me to setup the whitelist I didn't need until I installed the extension.Now I can't set up the whitelist because I don't know the site addresses of all of those cookies, including a whole lot of do-not-track cookies.This extension -- which doesn't require a restart -- really needs a permission to begin its work before it starts, which means it needs a persistent setup to initialize it. Or at least a warning about how it will behave upon installation.

Without the surprise, wholesale cookies destruction, my star rating would be much, much higher. Right now, 2 stars will have to do. I'm feel more like 1.5, and the .5 would be me being kind.

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Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Sigh. I just opened a Gmail message in a tab (my choice) not in a new window. Thanks. I have (some) control back for the way I want to use my browser.


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Flag on the Play Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I can accept the worked required in establishing the white list, which, after all, is the record of my choices.

What I object to is the extra work having to install this extension twice before the flag icon appeared in the addon bar. (In the end, I had to put it there.) Since the flag is the straightforward interface allowing my preference settings, its absence (while blocking connections) was just plain weird. Of course, I can access the same settings via the context menu (which I'm not told on this page), but the easy access of flag is the selling point. I finally found it in the icon collection, waiting to be installed.

Good thing, because there were some things I wanted to unblock.

2 stars for functioning . 3 stars unearned for a poor installation.

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Download Statusbar

Tiny Status Bar Didn't Show Up Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Download Statusbar might be an effective extension, but since it didn't appear, nor did it hold any setting I chose, it can't tell. All I got was something flashing up near the top left of the screen during a download, and a weak notification sound when the download ended, but nothing like the illustrations on this page.I really can't see an advantage of this extension over the built-in download manager running in tandem with Download Manager Tweak.

Save Text to File

SImple. And it works. Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

So simple, it should have been built into the browser. Or the operating system. The missing Paste place for the on-the-fly text copying. A perfect example of Keep It Simple in action.

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Super Date Format

I've broken off this relationship Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

It's not working. I mean, I can create a date format. I can set it to appear in the Date and Received columns. But that's it. After restarting, all I get is a comprehensive date (every option possible) in either of the 2 columns. One problem: It's not the format I selected.

We've tried really hard, but some times it's for the best to break things off and go our own way. Sorry, but this relationship is done.

Lightning Calendar Tabs

Evolution in the Right Direction Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Lightning Month Tabs was a much-needed step forward. Now Lightning Calendar Tabs brings the navigation tool to all Lightning views. Bravo!

The ability to adjust the tabs' text colour is an added bonus, recognizing that not every user has the same ability to see the contrast between the tab colour and the text. Thank you for that.

If I may, 2 suggestions:

1. In future versions (if technically possible) allow Calendar Tabs to replace Month Tabs, preferably with the user's permission. As it is now, they can coexist when both are installed.

2. Consider allowing the user to set tab colours.

Over all, a simple, to-the-point, essential extension for Lightning that works.

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Auto-Sort Bookmarks

This One's a Keeper Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

It sorts, in a well thought out, persistent manner. Simple to to the point.The interface for setting the sort-order of bookmarks is a little ham-fisted because it offers only Icons (really tiny, hard to decipher icons), so if you don't know 'em, you can't knowledgeably set 'em.

On the other hand, this simple, fairly straightforward add-on features an unmentioned toolbar button, as well as Tools menu entry, which allow you to choose the moment you want to sort. Choose the Autosort option and it's all set-it-and-forget-it functioning.

Kudos on recognizing that many of us like to organize (classify) bookmarks with separators within folders and for preserving our preference.

With respect to the Developer's reply below, if a tooltip had shown up while my mouse was on any of the icons, I wouldn't have mentioned (by inference) the lack of labels. After I read the reply, I tried again. No joy, but I appreciate the thought behind including the tooltip labels. Their absence on my screen is probably a stand-alone occurrence. (If the user doesn't know what's supposed to happen, there is an assumption that the feature doesn't exist.)

Over all, this utility is well thought out. Congratulations.

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Firefox 3 theme for Firefox 4+

Nay to 50 shades of gray Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

So, what's wrong with a little colour in our lives? I've kept the theme alive after updating to v17. (Sometimes "incompatibility" has everything to do with a best-before date, and nothing to do with getting along with new code.)

I understand the author's disappointment with Mozilla's plan to take away the users' ability to configure the GUI the way we want to use the browser.

On the other hand, why not write an extension that moves the tabs back down (when they're forced up)? That would go along nicely with with this small, colourful improvement to FF's drab gray buttons.

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No Google Preferences? Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Anything that suppresses profiling and bottling is usually okay by me, however...

You didn't mention that this extension doesn't allow Google (image) search preference-settings cookies. Really? Not nice!

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