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AutoPager Lite

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Altho it's not perfect for every website, it's great for auto-loading Google search results. I've recommended it to every mildly technical person who uses firefox.
I've been using this for so long and I'm surprised that there are so few reviews!
Thanks Wind Li!

Hide Tabbar

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This is simple and easy. Auto-hides and also has a hot key to hide/show. You can set the amount of milliseconds to show/hide too. The only thing is that after I installed it and restarted FF, all my tabs were hidden so I couldn't see the tab that opens to the Hide Tab website, and i didn't know how to show/hide the tabs. Easily resolved by displaying all add-ons in FF, and then opened the options for Hide Tab. Works exactly as i wanted and hasn't yet interfered with my other add-ons (All in One Sidebar and Bookmark Autohider) which I thought were likely to be affected.

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