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Keyword Search

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Does what it says in FF v26! Thank you! For a single word searches, it is a little bit slow for the following reasons: FF first checks for existing server/domain name, then calls the search engine in the search bar (next to the location bar), and as next, when the call to the unwanted search engine is finished, the pre-defined search engine of the add-on is called and results are displayed. It may be a FF design feature. Multi-word searches works like a charm!

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Scrollbar Search Highlighter

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Thank you for the great extension and the superb idea!

I have to say, I do have some problems with its behavior: In order to have the marks on the correct relative position to the highlights on the page (in a relative scale the whole scrollbar height reflects the whole length of the page), I have to take care that I submit the 'Search' (or 'Highlight all'), when the scrollbar shifter is in the top position of the page. Otherwise (e.g. when viewing the tail of the page), the Highlighter calculates the relative positions for the rest of the page, but puts the marks next to the top of the scrollbar (not proportionally).

I suggest two possible correction: a) Spread the marks proportionally to the visible part of the page (not the luckiest solution), but would reflect the reality. b) Always calculate and display the position of the marks/search for the whole page. Regardless of the view position. This would be the best solution, because the height of scrollbar shifter reflects the relative viewing window and the user can move the shifter to the desired occurrence.

Thank you for listening! Cheers, M

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URL Link

just a perfect extension Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

A very helpful extension. Moreover, the developer (Neil) is very kind and patient. I was struggling with slashes and backslashes as a kiddo. Finally, I learned the "file:///" trick: "file:///\\servername\folder". No more URL copy-paste, no more slash correction. Only select, choose from the menu, and open. I'll have to find a shortcut to it yet ;-) Cheers,

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Text Complete

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Good description and a perfect ad. But would anybody willing to update it, so it works with TB10.0.2, please?
I tried to change the shortcut (ctrl+alt+), I saved the message to drafts and reopened, I even sent it. But no autocompletition appeared.

(I have no clue how to send a reply to this thread, so here it goes:)
Dear Marcel, tell me, please, what would have been an appropriate message in this case. Your homepage does not work (to find your email, or a forum), the help page link is broken as well, and there is zero-service for a user that sees no change or action upon trying the triggers described above. I am glad I caught your attention, I am glad we communicate, I am sorry I pissed you off, and I am willing to delete the thread -- just tell me how should I have acted differently, please. Z

Follow Up

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The idea is just perfect. The features that could be improved, IMO:
- List the details/message of the mail in the event Title and Description.
- Restrict View Pending to only follow-ups; currently all tagged messages are filtered.

Thank you for listening, cheers, M

p.s. TB 9.0.1, Lightning 1.1.1


Does what it says Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It copies the total header of the email into the clipboard. IMO, it is far from a user-friendly output, but because there is no equivalent nor a similar extension available: 5*

wishes: option for specifying optional fields to copy (From, To, Subject, Date)


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It is cool! But I lack showing a birthday when the birth-year is unknown...

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only one hash per FF startup & vulnerability opinion Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Same experience as that by asdf on April 17, 2011. I'll put in one hash and then it won't let me hash any more. Otherwise, it is/was just so easy to use it. I am not concerned about security. I would have to hash something like servernameusername and use the complete result as a password, to be vulnerable.
p.s. Win7 64bit, FF4 up-to-date

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Tag Toolbar

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Great extension!
I relocated the buttons from their original "tag toolbar" to a new separate toolbar with an additional icon on one side. I closed the "tag toolbar". The reason to do so, was that the tag toolbar made thunderbird flicker and reposition the windows when switching from calendar to mail view.

Thanks for keeping up the great work!

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Master Password+

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Thanks for sharing the extension!I can't figure out how to set that the https://addons.mozilla.org/img/uploads/previews/full/51/51931.png?modified=1295930240 prompt appears all the time and not the default FF prompt (that is without the question regarding the time for the next prompt).

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