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Name justyellowboy
Benutzer seit Mai 4, 2010
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I thought you did a great job, dude. It does what it says on the tin, but I have a pretty odd browsing set-up, I'll talk about positioning in a second, first, about the buttons:

I use Linux. If there's any way you can replace the buttons with the user's settings (GNOME, of course, and Beryl/Compiz, if that's possible), then that would be great. It's not a big deal, but I'd like it.

Now, about positioning. What I have going on is that I browse the internet with *everything* but a tab bar displayed above, even the status bar. The buttons show up perfectly even with that setup, but only on the right. I prefer buttons on the left, myself, to be honest, and if you can force the tabs to bump to the right of the buttons, it'll be a great step. You don't really have to do that, of course, seeing how the next Firefox update will basically have customizable tab bars, too.

Everything else considered, the function does great. Thanks for the dedication to a more simplistic and easier interface.

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Tab History Menu

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I have sent an e-mail about ideas.

Tab History Menu

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This is a fantastic idea, but dude, seriously, Shift + Backspace. I don't remember if you can use Backspace as a back button in Firefox, but you definitely can't make it the left mouse button, although I like the idea, but it isn't practical. On top of holding the left mouse button to move tabs, I also double-click to close them using Tab Mix Plus. You two need to high-five sometime and *really* make a cool add-on together.


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Augh, I'm so mad at myself. I should be the guy that makes the final contribution, but damn me, I have no money. I'm just a kid. I'm sorry, dude; your application is great. I'll be using it to keep myself away from Facebook/Youtube/Reddit and keeping myself focused on learning programming languages and learning about GNU/FSF.

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AdChange For AdblockPlus

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This has amazing potential to change advertisements for the better. Adblock should be totally manual, no presets, so that we choose what stupid advertisements to block, and THIS can be used to replace them with world-helping organizations to get more revenue for their causes. For the sake of going green, ending hunger, or whatever you support, this needs to be bigger, better, and nicer. This is a fantastic idea. It needs to go places badly.

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