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Beruf Web developer, IT consultant, nonprofit communiations consultant
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Just a random nerd. Well, not that random. Been at this stuff since '92.

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Cite4Wiki Benötigt Neustart

Cite4Wiki is a citation generating tool for English-language Wikipedia – just right-click to get a {{Cite web...}} source citation for the current page. There are older add-ons that do this, but THIS ONE DOES IT CORRECTLY.

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Needs to handle more than 9 tabs Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Great concept, and useful for very small sessions, but I rarely have only 9 tabs open. This should be able to handle input like "cmd-3-2" (or "ctrl-3-2"), as long as either the modifier key is still held down, or the keystrokes are entered within 1 second, either way you want to implement it.

Download Manager Tweak

Causes bogus errors Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

This add-on has, for several versions now, generated bogus error messages any time the Download Manager is open. It's especially annoying and constant in own-window mode, less frequent in sidebar mode and least frequent in tab mode, but it never stops. There's an entire web page about this at:

It's annoying enough (long lock-ups, followed by a bogus script error message) I had to disinstall DMT, just like I did over a year ago with an earlier version. I don't know why this hasn't been fixed yet, but am guessing it's an add-on interaction problem, so not frequently observed enough to get the developer's attention or something. Have to give it a neutral review. Nice idea, but the execution has a "fatal" problem.
It's so annoying, I had to disinstall the addon, just like I did a year or so ago when I first tried it. I surmise that it doesn't happen on all systems, and thus hasn't been tracked down and fixed. It may be an interaction problem with some other

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Cite for Wiki

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This add-on has been superseded by "Cite4Wiki" 1.3 and up, add-on number 62583

It uses the correct parameters, correct date formats, and has various other improvements, with more on the way.

Unit 5: When you come back around, let's merge these projects! :-)

You should REMOVE the old "Cite for Wiki" 1.0 version, or it will conflict with the new one.

Cite for Wiki

Wrong parameter! Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

This is using the wrong parameter in {{Cite web}}! The |publisher= field is for the OFFLINE PUBLISHING COMPANY (or person, if self published) responsible for the content. The WEBSITE goes in the |work= field. Given how many hundreds of times I've had to fix this is broken citations, I have to wonder how many of them are screwing this up because of this and other versions of your tool. It's not really an error a human would make, since it is like mistaking the record label for the title of the album that the song is on. A PUBLISHER IS A PUBLISHING ENTITY. A website is an online PUBLICATION. That's -CATION not -SHER. Proper example: {{Cite web||publisher=[[British Broadcasting Corporation|BBC]]|title=...}} Since this tool cannot possibly figure out who the real-world publisher is, it should never, ever generate that parameter.

Cite for Wiki

Wrong parameter! Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

One fatal flaw: It is sorely abusing one of the {{Cite web}} parameters! The |publisher= param. is NOT the website; that is the |work= field. The |publisher= and related |location= parameters are for the PUBLISHING COMPANY. E.g. {{Cite web||location=[[London]]|publisher=[[British Broadcasting Corporation|BBC]]|title=...}}. Since this tool is not going to magically be able to figure out who the actual publisher is, it should never generate that parameter.