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Imgur Uploader

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This addon is really great. I upload 100s of images everyday using this addon. It's one of the most useful addons out there and I thank the developer for that. Just right click and upload the image.

Dev: There's some problem when the image is hosted on an HTTPS site/link. Not all options are available.

Like, if I right click an image that is hosted on an normal http link, I get this:

And if I right click on the image that has https link, I get this:

There's no quick upload, etc. on https links. Please fix it. It's extremely important. I need to switch to non-https version of the site just to upload that image, hence causing a security issue. Thanks. :)

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Add to Search Bar

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Add to Search Bar is a great addon.

I was disappointed to see Google Toolbar stopping the support for Firefox. The reason I liked Google Toolbar was it's buttons. I loved typing something, clicking the button (wikipedia for examle) and opening the site.

Then I decided to switch to the default Firefox Google like side search bar as it offers similar functionality. Only to find out that not all sites are compatible with it. Searched and found this addon.

I was, and still am, surprised to find how easily I can right click on a site's search and add that site to the FF's search bar. Hell, I can even search my forum board from FF search bar now. Let alone other hundreds of sites I've come across.

Has helped me forget Google Toolbar. Forget about it, this addon makes Firefox search bar better than Google Toolbar as it can add just any site's search into the Firefox search bar.

I haven't come across a site which I use, that I haven't being able add to the FF search bar.

I recommend this addon to every Firefox search bar users. And Thanks to the developer.

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Working perfectly fine here. v4.0.3 on Firefox 4.0.1 Windows 7 x64. Does what it says, reloads the page after a specific duration. :)

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