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RoboForm Password Manager

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I've also been with RoboForrm for many years and I agree that the loss of the toolbar is very sad (it's actually been one of the things that has kept me me with Firefox) but there are alternative solutions and different ways to provide quick and easily accessible features. Dashlane and LastPass for example integrate into form fields very nicely and have done so for a long time. The new menu also needs to be improved a lot because currently dealing with multiple logins and switching between different form data is very slow and cumbersome. A simple "Editor" button would also be nice to have in the main menu. Context menu selections are also gone and the lower toolbar does not seem to work in popup Windows (there are cases when a login is in a pop up) which are then left completely without RoboForm.

Personally I like Dashlane and Bitwarden a lot and they have a great interface. Bitwarden is still quite young but it has great extension, including Firefox Android (something RF could pick up on). Dashlane is Expensive in comparison. LastPass is nice but it's vault is simply horrible and confusing as hell.

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Works.... untill it doesn't. Seems to often have a problem talking with the RoboForm App. The notification page should be updated to look the part of a professional product (even if it's rarely shown) and at the very least the text should be corrected (does should be is).

Also it would be nice to see some feature additions on the mobile extension too. For example why is there a button (the icon could be a bit nicer too, with some margin/spacing aroud it or some such stuff) in the address bar for saving stuff (which I never do on mobile, because it does not work that well either) but when a login is needed, it must be dug up from the menu? Seriously, who designed the UI for this extension? On desktop RF is great because it offers in many ways unmatched form filling features. But noooo, not with this extension. This is just a RoboLogin extension.

Bitwarden does sync and logins much better on all platforms and it is free. I'd use it if I wanted to just login to places. It also has better accessibility service for application support because it is using a notification instead of that darn popup ball thingy that gets constantly in the way when it's not needed. Also it's extension isnit's own thing and not linked to the app.

I'm sorry if I sound a little hostile, but I'm just frustrated because this extension has been around for quite a long time and it hasn't gotten ANY NEW FEATURES for a long time.

I pay money for your products and have done so for many years. I like RoboForm because it has always been generally quite good and it's desktop application and the way data is presented has been much more to my liking. But stuff needs to be added and refined all the time. Competitors like LastPass and Dashlane have offered some very nice features RoboForm does not have. Dashlane has a very, very nice and modern UI and it's form integration is the best way to fill forms I've seen het.

Sure, I could use Chrome and then the accessibility service would do it's thing. Ecept it constantly gets in the way. And because I've got several hundred carefully collected and organised Firefox bookmarks which are synced accross platforms (Firefox has been my main desktop browser since the days it was first released).

Firefox 57 also seeems to be bringing some new form filling features built in so maybe it is soon time to let RoboForm go after many years of mostly happy use.

Feedly - Beyond Google Reader

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Simple and stylish. Could be more customizable.

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