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Love the extension but can't install on Firefox 8 (even v0.9.87).

When I try to install the download bar reaches 100% then nothing happens. Eventually I get a message telling my that Chatzilla is not compatible with Firefox 8. When I check the addons screen, it says Chatzilla is not compatible with Firefox 8.

Since the comment below indicates this is an uptime problem, I thought I'd try a few times. Tried 5 times and failed 5 times.

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Works perfectly - love it! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

My setup: Transmission 1.76, Firefox 3.6.3

An uncluttered addon that just works. Just right click a link and 'Torrent It!', you then get a nice 'Success' message to let you know that your request was successful. Simple, uncluttered, just saves me time and clicks - this is why I love Firefox. Long live extensions, and open source!


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A version of this plugin that is compatible with Firefox 3.5.x is available here:

Just check the box to 'allow experimental addons' and you can then install the extension.