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Considering the amount of aggravation and frustration that flash tends to cause, this add-on should really be included by default with the Firefox install in Ubuntu's repositories.

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Two things are sorely missing from this add-on. First is the ability to have it change the user agent automatically at browser startup. But more importantly, when you disable or remove this add-on, the original, correct user agent is not restored! The last used fake user agent remains in place and the only way to restore it is by going into about:config and resetting the useragent.override line. This is a major annoyance when you encounter a website that requires the original user agent in order to function, and makes the add-on virtually unuseable for my own purposes.


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I had no idea that bundling addons with spyware was even allowed on mozilla.org. IMO it shouldn't be. Let this addon continue to promote itself on a different website and be removed completely from the listings at mozilla.org.

And who cares if Smartlinks is optional? A lot of unsuspecting users will still make the mistake of clicking "yes". Users that might have been relying on mozilla.org to weed out spyware for them.

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History Deleter

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Very nice. With the default settings it seems designed mostly to get rid of old history and dead links, but if you change the time limit to 0, and you have it execute the deletion whenever Firefox is closed, then it actually functions as a constant filter of parts of your History based on specific keywords. It all makes so much sense to me that I think it should be a default feature of Firefox some day.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.12) abgegeben. 


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Good addition to anonymity tools, but I agree with the previous reviewer that the option to use a standard, default profile is required. Because the average user is never going to spend the necessary time and effort to get this working satisfactorily. What is needed is a simple choice between predefined profiles such as "paranoid", "standard"; "disabled", etc. which already contain lists of information and require just one click to be enabled and/or updated, similar to so many other already existing security tools. Without that, this addon can never grow to become as widely used as for example Ghostery and the other addons you recommend.

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Ixquick HTTPS Privacy Search Engine

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After Google moved to eliminate scroogle.org (the dedicated Google search proxy) yesterday, it is truly Ixquick's time to step up to the plate, in providing search results that respect users' privacy. Of course, Ixquick has been at it for some time, but the privacy issues, and the need for more search engines like Ixquick, are only now being properly highlighted in the media, while the behavior of Google and the other internet giants just gets worse and worse, as they manhandle their users' most intimate information.

Use this add-on and strike a blow for internet users' rights.
Thank you.


Essential addon Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

You cannot beat the combination of blocking the web's tracking companies by default and with great precision while also telling the user about them in a clear but unobtrusive way. The list of companies that want to know everything about us is expanding. All the more reason to educate the user about their names, about exactly who is destroying privacy on the web for the sake of a quick profit.

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Frankly speaking, as much as I appreciate the important work that was done in the past, work that deserved to be rewarded...NOW, with development long ceased, it is somewhat outrageous that 1) the Customizegoogle.com homepage is still asking for new Paypal donations, 2) that same page gives a direct link to the installation files, thus making its visitors install outdated and malfunctional software, and 3) nowhere is a link to be found to the functional successor Optimizegoogle. This is irresponsible behavior, any way you look at it.


settle on one strategy Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Right now personas and themes both conflict and overlap. Aren't they essentially the same thing? Either combine them both into one category or get rid of one category. This is an inevitable choice Mozilla will have to make because we cannot afford to have this much confusion.

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Works very well. Frankly I haven't seen a must-have security extension like this since I installed BetterPrivacy and that was a long time ago.

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Without this addon, using Google services and Google apps is an annoying experience as well as a threat to your privacy (see the privacy feature inside OptimizeGoogle, a feature which in my opinion should be enabled on by default). It is essential that this extension continues to be updated.

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Nice. Really lifts the covers from a dark and seedy side of the web.

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a powerful counter-attack against data-mining Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This extension does what it claims: it generates queries in a very intelligent way, making it impossible for search engines to build consistent profiles about you and then abuse that data for their own purposes. The RSS feature allows you to enter as many RSS feeds as you like, thus building a huge database of search terms that the engines cannot predict nor easily recognize as artificial. I myself have some 20 different RSS feeds entered into it, from which Trackmenot can draw useful terms that have nothing to do with my own person. My private information is thus hidden inside a cloud of nonsense that Google is welcome to have.

Deleting cookies does not protect your privacy from search engines, because they can identify you by other means, such as IP address. Besides, the deleted cookie is simply recreated every time you use the engine, and for the entire session you will then be monitored.

It is also untrue that search engines will block you. If you use this extension properly (with your own RSS feeds, and by not settting the query frequency at its highest level) you will never, ever be blocked from using the search. I've been using it for two years now and I haven't been blocked even once.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.6.2) abgegeben.