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Toggle animated GIFs

Fine Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Fine add-on.

No complaint, just a remark: Version 1.3 blocks the command-line in my Firebug (ver. 1.12.8 on Palemoon 24.7.2 (Gecko 24.7)) from executing commands. The command-line accepts the commands when I hit "Enter", but then nothing happens. When I open the command editor and explicitly click "Run", commands work. Know 1.3 isn't made for my configuration, nevertheless works with no problems.

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Awesome Screenshot Plus - Capture, Annotate & More

Not for me Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Can only be installed into navigation bar -- but I need it in other bars. Cannot capture selections on page like "Screen Capture Elite" did. Cracked an old version of "Screen Capture Elite" and have it partially compatible with FF26.

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SOPA Detector 0.0.1

Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Can't get the icon/button out of the addons bar. If removed, it's there again after restarting. Uninstalled the addon. Maybe I didn't need it at all, because since I installed it, I never got any SOPA warning. Maybe I'm visiting the "wrong" sites. However, it's a good idea, so thanks.


Downgraded to v19.9 and I'm happy again! :-D Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

As announced before, I downgraded to v19.9. Now I got the old color picker UI back and the tab stack (thick line below the tabs) doesn't break the tab scroll function anymore. :-)))

Yeah! ColorfulTabs 19.9 gets *** 7 Stars ***! Hopefully, the author fixes the future versions and I can update again.

p.s.: I installed "ColorfulTabs fixes" stylish script -- and it's a lot of fun. Although now, I don't need it any longer to fix anything. But you can make fun stuff with the tab texts' style to make the ColorfulTabs experience even better. :-)

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Absolutely necessary, but ... Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is a thing I can't use Firefox without it. You just can't describe how much more difficult it is to use plenty of tabs without this addon. But unfortunately there are several annoyances and bugs ...and it's getting *worse*!

At first, you have to disable the tab stack (thick colored line beneath the tabs) in the current versions, since it breaks the correct function of the tabs. The tabs always scroll to the far left and the current tab (if seated to much at the right) will get out of sight, whenever window looses focus. So you have to scroll right, ... and scroll right again, ... and scroll right again, ... and scroll right again, ... and ... and ... and ... :-(

Next, the whole thing could be more handy: I very often want to set the color of a lot of tabs manually, which always needs a lot of tedious clicking to be done. I really wished one could do this faster and even (if possible at all) could kinda "copy" the color of one tab to another.

And currently this got even *worse*, since the new color picking UI is *broken*: It won't let you paste or type a color textually (although it says so explicitely). There is a text field with a cursor and a caption that says: "type in the color value", but no matter how hard you hit the keyboard, no character will ever reach the field.

Another weakness: There have always been to few colors to pick. Would be wonderful, if there was a rich color picker to pick millions of colors or even save you own colors in a user palette or sort of for future use. And there should be three parallel fields to type in and show the color value as RGB decimal, RGB hex. as well as as HSL.

But these are dreams. It would be pretty enough, if only the bugs were killed. I try to install the stylish script that allegedly will fix some of the addon's problems (see the other reviews for this) and maybe also try to change to an earlier version for now. Hopefully, I find one compatible with my Firefox that has fewer problems than the current version.

But nevertheless, if you wonder, why I gave it five stars. It's because this addon is so useful and indispensable and absolutely necessary that even the most basic features and even with some buggy annoyances it's still (almost) five stars. I would say 4.6 stars, which rounds up to 5, obviously. :-)

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JavaScript Debugger

Don't expect easy use or usefullness at all Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I'm know a lot of programming languages and also a lot of debuggers, including IE's. And while this one may not be completely useless or unusable, it's certainly and BY FAR the worst one I ever saw. It's unintuitive, unergonomic and buggy (and I haven't Firebug installed during testing this). So I rate this 1 star: Bad.

For example, one pop-up item for a file entry in a list says: "Find URL", and this just opens the file in the source code section. Why not just calling this "Open URL" as usual in 99% of all the software in the world!!!??? I firstly thought this would open some search dialogue and thus didn't click it. I needed to read a tutorial to learn what this does.

Especially this tool is rather useless for debugging Chrome URLs. For this purpose you have to switch of the "Exclude browser files" option. But then--besides the few JS file of yours you ACTUALLY want to get debugged--all the uninteresting browser background files are debugged simultaneously.

Every mouse move you do within the browser area may trigger the debugger. Sometimes, you cannot even reach the reload button to reload the URL you really want to debug. I tried to disable debugging of all the other files MANUALLY by selecting each of them and switching their debugging off. But then, although my files were NOT switched off, they are not debugged any longer. I couldn't get them to be debugged either. Instead some of the files for which I explicitly DISABLED debug automatically RE-ENABLE their debugging again, triggering the debugger again for errors I'm completely uninterested in and popping these files up in the source code section, disturbing my view. And not enough, the debugger by itself also CLOSES(!) my files within the source code section without any reason or request from me. I had to reopen but any breakpoint got LOST!

Lastly, I have to agree to what someone wrote here earlier: "However I haven't been able to do a simple set-a-breakpoint->run->step-trough-code use case." (ciacob on August 1, 2009)

Moreover, when I finally got the debugger to stop at a breakpoint, there's been no obvious way to make the script just run from there to the next encounter of a breakpoint. You have to "step" instead to "run". Maybe there is a way, but it's really not obvious. When I pressed e.g. "Step over", the debugger stepped into the file "browser.xml" (which also popped up in the source code section), although it was EXPLICITLY marked in the "Loaded Scripts" section as not-to-be-debugged!!! If I instead clicked "Continue" I would never see my breakpoint again, since from then the script is run without regard to any breakpoint it contains. Thus, there is for example no way for observing a breakpoint within a for-loop for every cycle of the loop, except (MAYBE, but I don't see how) by stepping each line in the for-loop for each cycle of the loop.

I see from the other reviews that many people find this tool useful. I cannot understand why and I really cannot recommend this piece of software. Moreover, I explicitly recommend NOT to install it, if you want it for the debugging of scripts of Chrome URLs. Unfortunately, you'll have to use alert-boxes to debug these scripts.

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Ant Video Downloader

Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

The toolbar sucks, and it does not allow downloading videos that are streamed via RTMP protocol, and the worst thing is, it did without asking me change (corrupt) a key in the about:config named "general.useragent.extra.firefox".

Normally, this contains "Firefox" + Version and is part of the user agent identification sent with every http request (JavaScript property "navigator.userAgent"). This add-on added " Toolbar 1.3" to this string and therefore Firefox set the state of the value to "user defined". Thus, when I updated Firefox to ver. 3.5.2, this string was not updated and continued to show the old version. So every server in the web treated my Firefox 3.5.2 as Firefox 3.0.10.

It also set the key "" to "".

I recommend not to use this add-on, since it is kind of "Microsoft-like" and there are a lot of alternatives for this.

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Plain Text to Link

Forced install Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I now forced compatibility to Firefox 3.* by modifying the installation files. I installed the new .xpi and it works fine with no problems so far. :-)

Plain Text to Link

Forced install Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I now forced compatibility to Firefox 3.* by modifying the installation files. I installed the new .xpi and it works fine with no problems so far. :-)

Plain Text to Link

Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Yes, PLEASE UPDATE this for 3.5. I neeed it! It's great!

Link Alert

Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Great, helps me to know what kind (new window, java, ...) is a link of BEFORE I click it.

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TabGroups Manager

Great tool, but has to be developed further Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Have just installed it. Think, it will help me managing tabs, since I have often many tabs opened. But there is something left to improve. It's just missing the neccesary "deep integration" into FF:

Doesn't work well with "Tabs Open Relative". When I open some tabs from within the current tab they will open just next to the right of the current tab and each new tab will be appended at the right from the last appended tab. Now, if I switch to another group and back, it's just as if I had switched to another tab (in the same window) and back. The next new tab will open not at the right of the last appended tab, but at the rightmost position to the current tab.

Doesn't work well with bookmarking. If I'm going to bookmark "all tabs" (in the current window), I expected this add-on to only bookmark the "currently visible" tabs in the windows, i.e. the current group of tabs. But "all the tabs of all groups" have been bookmarked. This should be changed, or there should be another menu item for bookmarking "all tabs in current group".

When I restart browser, there is always a new "noname" group added into the window with nothing inside. If I would restart ten times, there would be ten useless groups. I must always close the new dummy group manually.

There should also be a menu item in the bookmarks submenus for opening all bookmarks "in new group". The same applies to context menu for link opening "in new group". Nevertheless, there should be some genuine support of groups in firefox also without any add-on. I think this must be a "to do" for FF 4.0. That would be just the next step after inventing "tabbed browsing": "grouped tabbed browsing". And we should be faster than Microsoft to add this functionality to browsing.

Up to now, thank you very much for this add-on, also although it's not in it's ultimative state.

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