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same than datauser

don't work with last firefox version 18 :(


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tested with firefox 10.0.1 and BackupFox 1.0.3 "backup delay 1s"
1 - BackupFox don't restore history from jason file !!!!!
how to recreate problem >
- config backup file for BackupFox = back+url.json
navigate to www.site.com.... www.site.com is on firefox history and in back+url.json file ( verified with notepad++ ). all is good
- config backup file for BackupFox = back-tmp.json
delete all www.site.com item in firefox history , them import back+url.json file ( open the bookmarks/history library window.
click on Import and Backup ; Restore ; Choose File.Browse for back+url.json JASON file, select it, and click Open. )
- www.site .com isn't in firefox history !!!!!! , after close/restart firefox too

REQUEST for history options:
1 - possibility to enable/disable auto backup = manual backup only
2 - possibility to expand or disable "item_limit" , 5000 items max is too little. unlimited items would be better

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