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Forecastfox (fix version)

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Oleksandr is top add-on maker, Ukraine is proud!

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Google Mail Checker

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The add-on works well enough, coming from Gmail Manager (and its many forks). But if you leave a gmail tab open, you WILL get logged out for no reason at all. I know the author of the extension says it's because you either opened a different gmail account or manually signed out, but that's not the case for me. Only one account is used, and I never manually log out, and yet I'll go to my gmail tab only to find that I've been logged out and have to sign in again.

Frustrating enough to leave this review and to install a different add-on. I like everything else about this one, but I need to stay logged in!

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This is the best download manager out there, and has been for quite some time, but please, can we get the option to open the download window in new Firefox tab or like Download Statusbar? Having that open extra window is clutter I thought we got rid of when tabbed browsing was introduced over a decade ago!

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Forecastfox Weather

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I'm also asking the developer to please update the add-on to work with Firefox 16+

But, there's a way to get it to work for now for the rest of us...


1. Launch Firefox
2. Weep at the lack of Forecastfox
3. Hit Ctrl+N to spawn a new Firefox window
4. Holy crap- Forecastfox is there!
5. Close original Firefox window that is missing Forecastfox
6. Go about your usual business

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URL Fixer

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Overall, this add-on is a time-saver, and I've used it for quite a while. However, there are some weird redirects that shouldn't happen with legit urls.

One example I can think of off the top of my head is Overstock.com's url "o.co" This is a perfectly valid url. However, URL Fixer will automatically redirect you to Twitter's service "t.co", which is not helpful and actually wastes time. This can be worked around by always having the prompt appear when you type in a url URL Fixer thinks is wrong, but this mitigates the time-saving factor that is the key to this add-on. Please look into this, dev(s)!


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Google Mail Manager

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I've used this add-on for probably 4 or 5 years now, and it has been incredibly useful. Moreso than any other Gmail add-on I've tried for Firefox. There have always been problems when Google decides to implement random changes to Gmail, and forces a patch of the code or an entire re-write. Which Todd Long (developer of this add-on), has done for us time and time again. For no compensation. This most recent change is probably the longest span that Todd hasn't updated, but luckily we have a patched version that is working for now.

What I find funny is how many people are demanding that Todd come in and fix something that they didn't help create, fund, or have anything to do with. He doesn't have to do anything, and really you should be thanking him for the amount of time you used his coding to make your life easier, at absolutely no cost to you. I would like to see the add-on updated officially by the author as well, as I use it near-constantly. But if he cannot because of time constraints or other obligations, or hell, if he just doesn't feel like it, that's completely reasonable. You are entitled to nothing, and the amount of complaining is absurd. If anyone is truly unhappy about the state of this add-on, I will personally refund you the money you've paid to install it. Oh wait...


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Like many of you, I found that clicking "Manage User Scripts" now opens the Firefox Add-ons dialog box, which is nice integration. However, I also found this list to be blank. The culprit in my case, and probably many of yours, is the popular Firefox add-on "Personas". Removing this add-on returns expected functionality to Greasemonkey. I hope the next iteration of Greasemonkey will be able to function as expected when Personas is also installed, as it is one of the top Firefox add-ons. I personally need Greasemonkey more than I need Personas, so it wasn't a difficult choice for me, but it would be nice if Greasemonkey could play nice with Personas.

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I use this add-on every day. Perfect for posting on Internet forums, or adding links or pics on ebay or craigslist.

I donated, and suggest everyone else does, too. Great add-on - simple to use and highly customizable. Keep up the great work, Jed!

Wishlist: Added support for Markdown language