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This is one of my favorite and most often used extensions. Zero complaints, but I was wondering if it would be possible for the full mode to automatically clear after a particular amount of time after finished downloads? The only reason I use the mini mode is because I have to manually clear the full mode to close it after every download so it is isn't permanently present. Hugely appreciate the work on this either way. Thank you!

Tab Utilities

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@Dejanp: the developer version at the very bottom fixes this, the mozillazine support thread has some information about it.

Love the extension, one of my favorite!

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One of the best and most needed ideas for an extension for Firefox in a long time. Extremely useful for slower computers too.

Tab Kit

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Amazing add-on and an amazing bug & suggestion system for reporting. Definitely something to be used as a model for other add-ons.

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Tab Kit

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Really an amazing add-on and the voting site is an incredibly simple way to communicate with the author. The default tab features were almost exactly perfect and matched to what I was looking to do with 3 separate extensions, all of which began to overwrite one another's functionality and cause problems. I can now dump Tree-style Tabs, Tab Utilities, Tab Mix Plus and Tab Scrolling!

Smart Bookmarks Bar

3.5 update problem Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Excellent extension that I really rely on, which is why I felt the need to review, because it no longer function with Firefox 3.5! lol Compatibility check is fine, but the functionality is simply absent now. :/

macfox II graphite

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Always my favorite theme, never changed it back before days of FF3! As with everyone else, dying for the day this is updated for 3.0+ compatibility. :3