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While it's true that blocking scripts will make your browser safer, there's a huge drawback.

Many legitimate websites, though lesser known, use scripts that are meant to help you or improve your browsing experience. For example, some sites detect what browser you are using so that the site can serve you the appropriate content. Other sites use scripts to allow dropdown menus, and such. These innocuous scripts are blocked. Some addons also used scripts that won't work because they are being blocked.

So, for me, I tried NoScript for a while but then realized I just don't need it. Most websites I visit are likely okay, i.e. news, blogs, shopping, forums, product websites, movies, etc.

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Xmarks Sync

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I was recently transitioning to a new laptop, where I wanted to use both computers from different places. Xmarks made it so much easier, since I was able to access and update my bookmarks from either computer anytime. Sweet.

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