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Lost functionality in version 0.8.16 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Still a great extension, clearly deserving a five-star rating, in spite of the fact that I had to revert to an older version in order regain the lost ability to disable/enable it quickly, directly from the statusbar.

RefControl does efficiently everything one needs, including many of the things other previous reviewers on this board have claimed it does not do.

RefControl 0.8.16 no longer displays the options menu when one left clicks the status bar. This is a critical feature for vimperator/pentadactyl users who choose to live without a "navigation toolbar" and without a "menu bar", and who try control everything from the statusbar or the vimperator commandline.

I hope future versions include a quickly accessible enable/disable option, if not directly from the statusbar, perhaps from the context menu.

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Great extension Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

MozEX is currently maintained by Vladimir "neuron" Marek.

A current version of MozEX, supporting Firefox 2.0.x can be found at

This extension addresses a crucial problem, editing text areas when filling forms or using web mail. Usually for these areas editing is extremly primitive (only cut, paste,..., no search). With MozEX the user can use her/his favorite edtior, whatever that may be (emacs, vi, vim, texedit, pico, ... ).

For years I have stayed away from webmail until I found this wonderful resource.

MozEX also allows external programs for other functions, in particular I found it very practical for using an external download manager.

This screenshot of the configuraton page shows other things which can be done with external programs

Great extension!! Many thanks to Tomas Styblo, and to Vladimir neuron Marek, for creating/maintaining this great resource.