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Visual Bookmarks by All My Faves Kein Neustart

The fastest and easiest way to visually bookmark your favorites while surfing the Web.

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FuseDesk for Infusionsoft Kein Neustart

FuseDesk's Help Desk and Ticketing System for Infusionsoft can now be used directly inside of your Infusionsoft Application. View and create new cases right on each Contact record without leaving Infusionsoft!

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memrize Kein Neustart

Save an open tab directly to your memrize account, without opening any new tabs or copy and pasing the link. Just one click and it is done!

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Volume of a Cylinder Kein Neustart

Compute volume of a cylinder given radius of base and height of the cylinder.

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gifsauce Kein Neustart

adds a link or link options next to 4chan thumbnails of 4chan board /gif/ ( to reverse image search them using the website

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PayPal Wishlist extension Kein Neustart

PayPal Wishlist extension

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mluschipranie Kein Neustart

download your myspace photos and optionally their comments

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GF Sonderzeichen und Formatierungen Kein Neustart

Fügt Sonderzeichen und Formatierungen in Beiträgen von ein.

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Password Age Visualizer Kein Neustart

You know you should be changing your passwords regularly! With this add-on, you can quickly see how long you've been using your passwords and which ones are due for a change.

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BlueBag Kein Neustart

Bluebag is an online user friendly bookmarking site. Organize, share and discover sites you love. This Add-on allows one-click bookmarking to your BlueBag account.

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Download generated CSV file Kein Neustart

Simple add-on to add support of saveAs for javascript generated CSV reports

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PubMedID to Wikipedia-Citation Kein Neustart

Transforms PMID number (marked text) into the in-line-citation string for use in any wikipedia to get a PubMed citation into the references.

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Zirkus Gerhardi Info Kein Neustart

Du bekommst immer die neusten Informationen mit einem Klick

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Terra_leap Kein Neustart

Extension pour ajouter une gestion des mouvements envoyés par le LeapMotion

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Zaqwes Programming Manifest Kein Neustart

Мы пишем код бл#*ь!

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Big Data -> Big D Kein Neustart

Replaces all occurrences of Big Data with Big D.

(Also Bigger/Biggest)

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Care to Search Kein Neustart

When you install the Care to Click Browser Extension, you’ll see our small red "carrow" in your search results, next to participating stores. Purchases at any of these retailers, earns a donation to your favorite charity – with no extra cost to you.

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Guglaj Kein Neustart

Search google

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Zona-Centro Add-on Kein Neustart

This is an Add-on for the Portuguese Gaming Community "Zona-Centro".

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Bing Tags Kein Neustart

Firefox extension for Bing Tags. Save sites for later, access them from anywhere and share your findings with others. Built with the Add-on Builder tool.

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