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To Google Translate Kein Neustart

Highlight text on a web page, right click and select To Google Translate for translate or play the previous text. EN-to-ES.

Marque un texto en una página web, de clic derecho y seleccione To Google Translate para traducir o reproducirlo. EN-a-ES.

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Tagu Kein Neustart

Detect Zawgyi and Unicode and include font embed. So, user no need to install zawgyi or unicode font to see Myanmar

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Language Pack Install Helper Kein Neustart

Bieten Sie einfachen Weg, um Zusätzliche Sprache Packs zu installieren.

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Google translate for https/http Kein Neustart

Translate entire web page or selected text using google translate
There are many translators on Firefox. There are two features they're not supported:
1.HTTPS pages
2.Page logined
This addon can translate all pages you can open in firefox

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LanguageToolFx – Stil- und Grammatikprüfung Kein Neustart

Überprüfen Sie markierten Text auf Webseiten oder in Textfeldern mit der freien Stil- und Grammatikprüfung LanguageTool.

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No Small Text Kein Neustart

Set a minimum text size for all web content. Use the toolbar button to switch it on and off. NEW: Three preset sizes. NEW: Use mouse scroll on the toolbar button.

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Kain Na Yi Plug-in Kein Neustart

Work as helper for changing Zawgyi to Unicode

For Support --

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Myanmar fonts package Kein Neustart

Myanmar fallback font for Firefox for Android

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Simple Lorem Ipsum Generator Kein Neustart

Generates a Lorem Ipsum Text and copies it to clipboard. You can also use ctrl+y as global hotkey.

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TranslateWebpageAtGoogle Kein Neustart

Translate webpages into your own language at Google

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Naver English Dictionary (Unofficial) Kein Neustart

찾고싶은 영어 단어를 선택하면 네이버 사전 팝업을 띄워줍니다.

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Quick Accept-Language Switcher Kein Neustart

Provides a quick way of changing the HTTP Accept-Language header so you can view websites with a different locale.

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預設中文字型微調 Kein Neustart


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UrlCorrector Kein Neustart

Type web addresses always in Latin letters no matter of your current keyboard layout.

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Replace Translator Kein Neustart

Rewrite the selection in translation. Replace or Insert can translate into foreign languages using. More than 36 different languages to be used immediately with no configuration.

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N'ko font package Kein Neustart

N'ko font for Firefox for Android. This add-on will install a N'ko font that enables proper rendering of N'ko script on all sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), regardless of whether a font has been embedded into the web page.

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English to Urdu Meaning Kein Neustart

Double-click any word to view its Urdu meaning, further clicking the Urdu word opens complete definition of the word.

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Count Word Professional Kein Neustart

This add-on shows the number of words, characters, new lines, spaces of text you selected.

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Google Translator, Dictionary and YouTube Search Kein Neustart

Translations and dictionary for any word you select, whole page translation of any web page in another language and YouTube Search.

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LingoDisco Inline Translate Kein Neustart

This simple add-on will add a translation to a selected piece of text beside the selection. It works with Google and Bing translate but can work with any web instant translation service.

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