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Whitelist JavaScript Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Whitelist websites to execute JavaScript-code.
Just click one button and the JavaScript code on that page will be either disabled or enabled. You can add entries to its whitelist, export and import the white list and enable wildcard.

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Aktualisiert am August 17, 2017

Ghostery Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+ Vorgestellt

Schützen Sie Ihre Daten! Ghostery zeigt Ihnen, wer Ihr Surfverhalten verfolgt.

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Aktualisiert am August 10, 2017

Panda Styler & Emoji Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Add custom styles and scripts to any websites! 2600+ Your favorite Emojis ready to copy-paste! Sorted by categories can be combined into EMOJIPASTA!!! COMBO 2 in 1!

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Aktualisiert am August 8, 2017

JavaScript Toggle On and Off (WebExtension) Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Toggle JavaScript engine on and off the easy way

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Aktualisiert am August 7, 2017

KeyCODE Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

A developer tool for e.keyCode in webpages. Use this app to find out the e.keyCode or e.which value to use in your JavaScript code for keyboard events like onkeydown, onkeyup, and onkeypress.

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Aktualisiert am July 29, 2017

NoScript Benötigt Neustart Vorgestellt

Zusätzlicher Schutz für Ihren Browser!

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Aktualisiert am July 28, 2017

Browser JSGuard

An Addon for Detecting Malicious and Suspicious Webpages.

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Aktualisiert am July 21, 2017

usi (User|Unified Script Injector)

nutze UserScripts auf deinem Firefox für Android mit usi!

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Aktualisiert am July 20, 2017

Custom Style Script (Inject desired CSS or JS) Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Add Custom JavaScript Codes or Styles to any Page.

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Aktualisiert am June 8, 2017

DejaClick Benötigt Neustart

Record, bookmark and replay your browser activities in a snap with DéjàClick. Designed for Firefox, DéjàClick can handle the most complex websites - including AJAX, Flash, forms and more. With a single click you can repeat your most common tasks.

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Aktualisiert am June 2, 2017

Tiny JavaScript Debugger Benötigt Neustart

TinyJSD is a JavaScript debugger for privileged code running Mozilla products like Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey. It serves to debug the application as well as extensions written in JavaScript.

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Aktualisiert am May 29, 2017

showHTML Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

This extension shows information about a web page's HTML elements as you hover over them. The details are displayed in a text stripe at the top of the screen. Clicking on the text stripe will toggle it between top and bottom placement.

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Aktualisiert am May 27, 2017

codeTabber Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Switch between code panes on CodePen, JSFiddle, and other online code editors, right from the keyboard.

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Aktualisiert am April 26, 2017

Decentraleyes Vorgestellt

Schützt vor Tracking durch "gratis", zentralisiertes, Abliefern von Content. Es sorgt dafür, dass Anfragen Netzwerke wie "Google Hosted Libraries" nicht erreichen, aber imitiert sie, sodass die Seiten intakt bleiben. Ergänzt reguläre Contentsperren.

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Aktualisiert am April 9, 2017

Web Developer Benötigt Neustart

The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to the browser.

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Aktualisiert am April 5, 2017


Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page...

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Aktualisiert am March 1, 2017

DevTools Prototyper

This add-on adds JS Fiddle style code prototyping to Firefox DevTools.

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Aktualisiert am February 13, 2017

HTML Content Blocker Kompatibel mit Firefox 57+

Blocks desired HTML contents (script, style, image, object, media)

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Aktualisiert am January 13, 2017

FireSSH Benötigt Neustart Vorgestellt

FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox. Written entirely in Javascript!

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Aktualisiert am January 11, 2017

Toggle JS

A simple toolbar button to quickly toggle javascript between enabled or disabled.
A green shield is shown when javascript is enabled and a red shield is shown when it is disabled

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Aktualisiert am November 16, 2016