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AlertStopper Benötigt Neustart

"Google Chrome"-like option for blocking repetitive alert(), confirm() and prompt() dialogs. Gets rid of spam dialogs and other infinite loops!

With AlertStopper, dissipate your JavaScript dialogs problems instantly!

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UrlExtract Benötigt Neustart

Ajuda a burlar protetores de links; extrai os links de uma página, inclusive no código-fonte do javascript; mostra elementos ocultos, como imagens e divs.

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Custom Download Manager Benötigt Neustart

This addon allows you to personalize the firefox download manager!!

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JS Injector

Inject custom JavaScript code into the page.

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JSLinter Benötigt Neustart

Analyses all the Javascript files on a web page using JSLint.

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XPCOMViewer Benötigt Neustart

XPCOMViewer is tiny tool for exploring XPCOM components.

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TypeScript Playground

Handy TypeScript Playground integration within the browser. (Right click to convert TypeScript code on the web and remix it!)

Simply find a TypeScript sample, select the code, right click the selection and click on "TypeScript to JS".

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QuickToggles Benötigt Neustart

Toggle cookies, javascript with a single click, and manage simple http proxy config, in the status bar.

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IMDb Streamlist

See if movies and shows in your IMDb watchlist are available for instant streaming on Netflix.

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Code Coverage v2 for Firebug Benötigt Neustart

This Firebug extension is used to report the Javascript code coverage

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JS Toggle Button

a basic addon to toggle javascript on and off.

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ZK Jet Benötigt Neustart

ZK Jet is used for developing Ajax application without installing servers.

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Search Tool for Webdeveloper

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Console Sidebar

Replicated the old firebug console Next to the Dev Inspector, the console has a history and can be minimized.

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InheritPrincipal Benötigt Neustart

This addon allows you to execute javascript uris entered into your location bar.

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Lynx - Add-on for Firefox

Better links sharing!

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Compatibility Detector for Firefox


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DevTools Tweaks Benötigt Neustart

DevTools Tweaks extends the features of the built-in Firefox Devtools.

Adds ability to (recursively) compare two different nodes in the inspector. Adds JSON parser to network view in Web Console, and adds hidden options to the options panel.

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xqjs Benötigt Neustart

Simple JS console

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This addon lists the status of some developer preference such as JavaScript, WebGL and Geolocation.
You must use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + P" to display the panel.

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