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Code Coverage v2 for Firebug

This Firebug extension is used to report the Javascript code coverage

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Speed up your testing and debugging times with PourBico. By intercepting HTTP requests, PourBico allows you to modify each response (headers and body) via inline edits or by replacing resources with local or external ones.

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DevTools Tweaks

DevTools Tweaks extends the features of the built-in Firefox Devtools.

Adds New Rule, color-picker and Open URL to the inspector. Adds JSON parser to network view in Web Console, and adds hidden options to the options panel.

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Blank Scratchpad

Remove introductory text on Scratchpad.

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Simple JS console

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immunity Kein Neustart

A simple way to turn off Javascript and Cookies with one click.

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Search Tool for Webdeveloper

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Die bekannte HTML-Referenz durchsuchen

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FireSwitch Kein Neustart

This addon lists the status of some developer preference such as JavaScript, WebGL and Geolocation.
You must use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + P" to display the panel.

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Policy Manager

Provides a dialog to customize policy settings.

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LintBrushJS™ makes javascript validation with more user friendly by organizing errors into expandable categories while still allowing you to toggle back to the original JSLint view if necessary.

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Toggle Javascript

Toggles Javascript on/off with the click of a button.

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Dev Addict Developer Search

Search engine for developers that searches for tutorials, as well as through README's and video training sites.

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jsdoc Kein Neustart

creates a javadoc-like html file for each javascript file it processes

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WatchPug is an extension checking your website documents for validation errors. Find more information at

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Quirksmode Search


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JS Exec

Javascript Executer Toolbar

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Are you tired of over and over again looking for all the html/php/js-files you are working on in your web application? Then this add-on can help you and save loads of time by launching the files in your editor for you. Just select and launch...

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