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Aktualisiert am May 8, 2015

Send to My Phone (QR Code Generator) Kein Neustart

Send to My-phone (QR Code Generator) is a restartless Firefox extension to generate QR code of any open website. It is the easiest way to send a web-page from your desktop to cellphone browser.

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Aktualisiert am December 30, 2014

Notepad (QuickFox)

Everyday note-taking solution.

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Aktualisiert am November 19, 2014

Apollo Bookmark/Tab/History Sync add-on

Bookmark/Tab/History sync add-on of Apollo for Firefox

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Aktualisiert am July 24, 2014

QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone Kein Neustart

QPush is the easiest way to push text and links from PC to iPhone! Copy, send SMS, open links and maps right away! No need to send emails to yourself or wait for Evernote to sync anymore.

iPhone App (Free):

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Aktualisiert am May 1, 2014


This extension, combined with the iOS Prowl app, will enable you to quickly send URL's to your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in a single click!

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Aktualisiert am February 27, 2014


Extension allows you to send various content to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

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Aktualisiert am April 17, 2013

QRLink Maker

QRCode (2D barcode) generator extension for quick data-to-smartphone transfer! Supports links, images & text selection codes.

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Aktualisiert am February 13, 2013

tvQu Online

Watch free IPTV for PC and Mobile device.

Support for:
- Smart Phones (Symbian, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Firefox, iOS)
- Media Player (VLC, KMPlayer, Winamp, WMP Daum PotPlayer)
- Media Centre (XBMC, PlayOn)
- Set Top Box (Boxee Box)

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Aktualisiert am January 2, 2013

Mobile Barcoder

Mobile Barcoder generates 2D barcodes of URLs and text selections so that you can transfer that information to your mobile easily.

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Aktualisiert am October 9, 2012


This extension lives in your tool bar and tools menu, when clicked simply pushes the current webpage to your iPhone/iPad via Prowl. Similar to the Chrome-to-Android Service.

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Aktualisiert am September 13, 2012


This extension adds a menu to Firefox that lets you seamlessly pushes links, currently selected text and phone numbers to your iPhone. You also need to install the PushMessenger on your iPhone.

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Aktualisiert am August 2, 2012 Menu

Aggiunge un menu che permette di accedere più agevolmente al sito e rimanere aggiornato sugli Eventi importanti

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Aktualisiert am May 13, 2012


linkNab is a simple way to send a link from your browser to your mobile device.

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Aktualisiert am April 19, 2012 Network Menu

Aggiunge un menu al browser per navigare più agevolmente e velocemente nel network
Forumeye, Videogiochi, Cinema, Anime, Serial, Video, Trailer

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Aktualisiert am January 16, 2012


Provides a context menu item for dialing phone numbers on your iPhone.

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Aktualisiert am January 13, 2012

DeeperWeb - Boost and Customize Google Search

Easily navigate through Google search results using a fast, simple and useful Tag-Cloud technique. Use our Topic-Mapping-Technologies for quick access to answers, news, videos, blogs, Wikipedia and more. Install now and boost your search.

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Aktualisiert am December 15, 2011

Proxy Tool

Proxy Tool - Powerful, yet User-friendly proxy tool to manage your proxies and anonymity needs, including: 46M+ user agents (world's largest), 10 different spoofed HTTP referrers, auto-proxy rotation, plus many more. Developed by

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Aktualisiert am December 13, 2011

Site to Phone Kein Neustart

Send links from your desktop and laptop to your smart phone and tablet.

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Aktualisiert am November 29, 2011


Version 1 of Brisk

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Aktualisiert am October 6, 2011