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DuckDuckGo Plus Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn't track you. We also have smarter answers and less clutter. This extension makes DuckDuckGo available in the address bar, search bar and right-click menu. Also adds a handy toolbar button with more features!

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The main feature of SearchPreview is to enhance your search results pages. It inserts site preview images (thumbnails), popularity ranks and sponsored links (where available) into Google™, DuckDuckGo™, Yahoo™ and Bing™ searches.

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Google search link fix Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

This extension prevents Google and Yandex search pages from modifying search result links when you click them. This is useful when copying links but it also helps privacy by preventing the search engines from recording your clicks.

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SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis

Shows Google PageRank of the current page. More features including IP Geolocation, Domain Whois, SEO Stats, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, Social Analysis and many other SEO Tools.

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Add to Search Bar Kein Neustart Vorgestellt

Macht jede beliebige Suchfunktion jeder beliebigen Seite in der Suchleiste (Suchbox) verfügbar.

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TrackMeNot Kein Neustart

An artware browser add-on to protect privacy in web-search. By issuing randomized queries to common search-engines, TrackMeNot obfuscates your search profile(s) and registers your discontent with surreptitious tracking.

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Map with Google Maps Kein Neustart

Highlight an address on a web page, right click the mouse and select "Search Google Maps" from the menu, a Google Maps tab will open with the relevant location result.

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Search by Image for Google Kein Neustart

Google Search by Image:

Use rightclick on an image to quickly find out the source of an image, how it is used, or find higher resolution versions via Google Reverse Image search.
(Google Image Search is similar to Tineye Reverse image search)

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SEO & Website Analysen

Bietet eine tiefe WooRank SEO & Website-Analyse bewerten mehr als 50 SEO Kriterien. Klicken Sie auf W-Taste, sobald Sie es installiert haben, und erhalten Sie Ihre kostenlose SEO Analyse.

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SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor allows easy SEO diagnosis and problem solving for webmasters.

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Context Search

Expands the context menu's 'Search for' item into a list of installed search engines, allowing you to choose the engine you want to use for each search.

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Remove Google Tracking Kein Neustart

Entfernen Google Tracking (Redirect) bei Click Link in Google suchen

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Ads Cleaner Kein Neustart

Remove the ads from the Search Results pages of Search,,,, and so on

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Googlebar Lite

A light-weight Google search toolbar for Firefox. Offers 14 search types, Google search suggestions, search history auto-completion, a customizable toolbar, search word highlighting, and more.

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Geolocate you where you want

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Google Redirects Fixer & Tracking Remover Kein Neustart

Google uses a redirection link to track your clicks. This addon simply removes that redirection and turns every search result in its original link, saving your time and giving you more security and privacy.

Please carefully read the description!

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CLIQZ – Schnell-Suche und Tracking-Schutz Kein Neustart

Gib einfach Suchbegriffe oder Web-Adressen in die Browserzeile ein. Spar dir den Umweg über Suchmaschinenseiten. NEU: Mit der Anti-Tracking-Funktion bleibt Privates privat. CLIQZ – SUCHT SCHNELLER. SURFT SICHERER.

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PageRank for Firefox

Display Google PageRank of current page. Reports the same rank as official Google Toolbar.

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quik google - suche und übersetzen. Kein Neustart

quik zugang zu google - suche und übersetzen als auf worte. Quik access to Google search and translate when highlighting words.

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Кто украл мои картинки?

Поиск копий изображений с помощью сервисов Яндекс.Картинки,, и

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