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DevTools Prototyper Kein Neustart

This add-on adds JS Fiddle style code prototyping to Firefox DevTools.

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Hinzugefügt am October 25, 2014

pesticide Kein Neustart

Cascading Style Sheets can be tricky. Placing an outline on every element can help you figure out what is going on.
This extension inserts the Pesticide CSS into the current page, outlining each element to better see placement on the page.

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Hinzugefügt am October 24, 2014


Provides global user stylesheet.

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Hinzugefügt am February 23, 2014

superUserContent Kein Neustart

Dynamically load stylesheets from plaintext files in your profile

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Hinzugefügt am January 20, 2014


Speed up your testing and debugging times with PourBico. By intercepting HTTP requests, PourBico allows you to modify each response (headers and body) via inline edits or by replacing resources with local or external ones.

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Hinzugefügt am October 16, 2013

Stylish Tools

Quicker access to several Stylish features through a toolbar button and/or keyboard shortcuts. Available for Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey

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Hinzugefügt am April 3, 2013

Advanced Frame Designer with Gradients

Ein Werkzeug um Rahmen direkt in der Webseite zu gestalten. Ein eingebauter Colorpicker unterstützt auch harmonische Farben. Ebenso werden Schatten 'BorderImage' und Farbverläufe unterstützt.

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Hinzugefügt am March 2, 2013

Originz Kein Neustart

A source viewer that enables you to view not only page's HTML source but also style sheets and scripts. It uses Prism syntax highlighter and it can beautify(unminify) the source code.

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Hinzugefügt am December 14, 2012

SiteCheckr Kein Neustart

SiteCheckr überprüft Ihre Webseite auf häufige Fehler. Sie haben dabei freie Hand und können Ihre eigenen Regeln definieren.

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Hinzugefügt am April 13, 2012

Ad-blocker for Gmail Kein Neustart

Hide ads in Gmail, and more cool stuff, simply with CSS.

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Hinzugefügt am February 29, 2012

Stylish Sync Kein Neustart

Sync engine for Stylish with backup / restore facility.

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Hinzugefügt am February 24, 2012

User Style Manager Kein Neustart

Easiest way to Add and Manage Custom User Styles in Firefox.
Add, Edit, enable, disable and delete in-numerous User Style Sheets to redesign the Firefox and the Web.

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Hinzugefügt am February 5, 2012

Fresh CSS

Reload all stylesheets in a page using a customizable hotkey or button.

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Hinzugefügt am January 9, 2012

Developer Tools - toolbar button

Access and activate the native Firefox Web Developer tools faster through this toolbar button (menu). Button can be placed on any toolbar.

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Hinzugefügt am December 6, 2011


Customise the App Button.

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Hinzugefügt am October 15, 2011

FireStylus for Firebug

FireStylus is a Firebug extension that makes Firebug display the Stylus filename and line numbers of the Stylus-generated CSS styles rather than those of the generated CSS.

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Hinzugefügt am August 9, 2011


The Web. Displayed Your Way.
Click to zap away rubbish.
Hack out the noise, read, print in peace.
* Widen Elements & Text.
* Save the changes to Stylish.
* Remove Sidebars & Ads.
* Black on White.
* Isolate.
User empowerment (bsd on aardvark)

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Hinzugefügt am August 8, 2011

Compatibility Detector for Firefox Kein Neustart


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Hinzugefügt am August 7, 2011

Web Design Search Plugin

Add this powered by Google search engine to your search bar, and search within web design blogs and websites.

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Hinzugefügt am May 23, 2011


A quick, easy method to copy the full html tag for elements on a web page. Simply right click on the element you want to copy, click TextToTag, then paste the full html source wherever you like.

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Hinzugefügt am April 21, 2011